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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Shapesmith tells his team that he’s really from Mars. Cecil demands to know why the ship is coming. Shapesmith explains that the Martians battled an alien race who the Sequids had controlled. Their battle was a century long until their host died because of their aging.

Because of this, the Sequids were mindless and were made be to slaves because couldn’t bond with Martians due to their natural shapeshifting abilities. Shapesmith reveals that he was part of an underground movement to free the Sequids and that the Sequids were being engineered to be better slaves. During the NASA expedition on Mars, Shapesmith would switch places with Rus Livingston while he remained on Mars. Because Human skin is easy to pierce, the Sequids easily took him over.An enraged Cecil yells at him and tells him that he must make some calls.

Mark and Eve look at one another in confusion after they had previous kissed one another. They are interrupted by Cecil asking for help. Mark asks Eve to help him. Seeing that Eve cannot fly as fast as him, he asks her to hold his hand, much to her sadness. Meanwhile at the Guardian base, Cecil decides that he will send a team to counter attack the team. He sends a team of people who’s skin is too strong to the Sequids to pierce through. This team consist of The Immortal, Black Samson, Bulletproof, Monster Girl, and Robot. Because of this, he asks that Dupli-Kate, Shrinking Ray, and Rex Splode stay on Earth, much to Kate and Ray’s frustration. Mark and Eve arrive and asking where to go.

Cecil thank them, but condemns Mark for being late. Mark apologizes, for he was visiting Eve in Africa. Eve tells Cecil that she can make her constume more invulnerable by moving molecules around. Mark then asks to call his girlfriend and mother to let them he’ll being going away. The team launches into space. Monster Girl talks to Robot about Robot’s new and bulkier drone. Robot explains that the implant in his brain doesn’t reach from away Earthand he’ll lose control of his drone. Monster Girl’s real name is revealed to Amanda after tells her not to call him Robot anymore, revealing his real name to be Rudolph Connors. He asks her to call him “Rudy”.

Meanwhile at Peyton Noble University, a crying Amber become angry with Mark leaving the planet again. She throws her phone in anger. She wipes away her tears and decides to call Gary. Mark asks Eve if she wishes to talk about their kisses. Eve says she doesn’t and Mark relaxes, commenting about how cool the shuttle is. Meanwhile in Wyoming, the Lizard League attempts to take over a nuclear silo. Iguana kills two of the guards and Komodo Dragon crashes through the wall. King Lizard declares that the Lizard League will go nuclear.

Immortal asks Shapesmith about the Martian and their weapons. Shapesmith reveals that the Sequids have mind control and psychic link to one another. He also believes that Sequids are using a method to keep the Martians in control.

On Earth, Rex attempts to flirt with Kate while Shrinking Ray is reading a book. Cecil interrupts to tell the team that the Lizard League has taken over a nuclear base and they risk destroying the planet.

The team closes in on the Martian warship and they fire missiles. Eve asks the team to get close as only and she forms a bubble for the heroes who cannot breathe in space.


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