Quote1 Y'know you really ruined my afternoon. Quote2
-- Invincible (Mark Grayson)

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Mark flies into the Teen Team base and asks Robot to find out who it is who turning the teens at his school into bombs. Robot accepts and Mark heads home to comfort his worrying mother after his father was kidnapped by the Flaxans.

The next day, Mark and Eve talk about how to find out who is killing the students. After falls sleep during the lecture. The teacher, David Hiles, calls Eve and Mark "lovebirds, causing the entire class to laugh. Eve gets a call from Robot while Rex, Dupli-Kate and him are fighting a villain. Robot informs Eve that they believe that David Hiles is the suspect.

After changing costume, David reveals himself to be the criminal, also revealing that he knows Mark is Invincible and Eve is Atom Eve. He shows him the more recent victim, Derek Sanders. He also reveals that he has a bomb on him set to detonate in 50 seconds. Mark grabs him and flies him to Antarctica and throws him. The blast has no effect on Mark, showcasing his Invulnerability. He meets up with Eve and goes home.

His father arrives, battle damaged from escaping the Flaxan dimension. Mark tells his mother about his day and Nolan does the same, telling her about being in the Flaxan dimension for almost 8 months, citing that their time spread is different than theirs. Deborah then asks who wants dessert.


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