Quote1 Executed?! Quote2
-- Invincible (Mark Grayson), in disbelief yet again

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

The Guardians and Mark attempt to hold off the Sequids. Shapesmith uses his shapeshifting to guard Robot while he fixes the machine. Robot finishes and Shapesmith asks who wants to use the device. The Immortal grabs the device, but Mark takes it from him, citing that he is stronger and faster than Immortal, and he shouldn’t let his ego get in the way. Mark rushes to the possessed Rus Livingston and transmits the pulse. Mark grabs Rus and the team attempts to escape.

On Earth, King Lizard shoots Rex in the head. He attacks, surprised to find out that he’s alive. He punches King Lizard and falls unconscious. Brit arrives to see the damage. He reports to Cecil Stedman that everyone died. However, King Lizard shoots Brit, but the bullet bounces off because of his invulnerability.

They go through the hangar door and Monarch Prime stops them. He thanks them for saving the Martian race but says that Shapesmith must stay with him. After learning that he was going to be executed, The Guardians decide to escape with him. Mark heads out of the ship after and destroys their ship. Eve embraces Mark congratulating him with Black Samson and Immortal. Eve then asks him if they should start a relationship together. Mark is unsure.

Days later, Mark sees Amber talking with Gary. He brings up that fact that Mark isn’t as a reason to not go with him, much to his dismay.

In the hidden mountain Guardian base, Immortal and Black Samson have arrived from Kate’s funeral, grief stricken from her death. Samson apologizes for his loss with Immortal commenting about feeling sorry for her dying young age. Immortal says that this isn’t the first time he has dealt with it. Mark goes to see Amber and asks Amber to talk with him.

He tells Amber about how much he loves her and how he will always. He goes on to say that ever since he’s become Invincible, they haven’t been together often and decides that she will likely be happier with Gary, ending their relationship. He then decides he will likely pursue Eve, citing that Amber was right about Eve having a thing about him. She accepts and says she’s okay with it. They decide to cuddle one last time before Mark leaves for the Guardians’ parade.

Mark then goes visit Rex who has had been shot in the head, his forearm bitten of and his leg broken. Mark apologizes for seeming insensitive. Rex tells Mark about how he was shot in the head, stressing Mark. He apologizes saying that the government covered it so it wouldn’t be on the news that a nuclear silo was broken into. Mark apologizes for acting sensitive, citing that he broke up with Amber. Rus returns to his apartment, attempting to forget being their host. Rus begins to cough and the Sequid reveal to have been inside his body. They repossess him and set out their next move.


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