Quote1 Is this planet not riddled with death and disease? Are these people not plagued by violence and war? A Viltrumite occcupation would rid them of all that. We would share technology, cure their diseases. No violence would occure under our rule. We could transform this world into a utopia. Quote2
-- Anissa

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

William leaves the room to get a snack while the duo discuss where they stand in intimacy. Eve asks if Mark was going to call her. Mark says he would but he had just recently ended his relationship with Amber.

Eve talks about how she began to like Mark while she was with Rex and how she liked him more when he was there for her when Rex cheated with Kate. After finding out that he was dating Amber, she didn’t say no when William asked her out. She also goes on to say that she had left for Africa others, but also left to get away from Mark, though missing being away from him. She also mentioned that if Mark had came alone when he invited her, that it would show that Mark liked her the same way she did him. She then asks Mark if he wishes to take it to the next level.

Mark acts less than surprised as he cites that an older version of Eve told him how she felt and told to tell his timeline Eve how he felt to give Eve closure.[1] She asks Mark if he had feeling for her before he was told by the future Eve. Mark isn’t sure and a saddened Eve leaves. William heads back into the room and asks what going on, citing that Eve was crying on her way down. Mark begins his homework while William eats a cheeseburger.

Meanwhile at the Grayson Household, Debbie looks for her keys to leave the house. Oliver finds them and gives them to her. She asks April Howsam to watch over Oliver while she’s gone.

At Upstate University, Mark is told by his instructor that he has missed too many classes and that he is no longer part of the class. Mark sees his mother after class and has lunch with her. She reveals that she found someone else and that his name is Paul, a fellow realtor. Mark says that he’s happy for her.

They are interrupted by a Viltrumite Woman, asking that Mark go with her immediately. She reveals that she knows Mark’s secret and public identity and threatens to kill his mother if he doesn’t go with her. Mark tells her to meet with him and changes into costume.

The Viltrumite apologizes to him for threatening his mother and she asks if he’s readied Earth for Viltrumite take over with him saying no. He readies to fight, but she doesn’t want to fight, citing that she could easily beat him. She attempts to convince Mark that the Viltrumites are not a race of warmongers.

She goes on to say that they struggle with their anger, much like Mark did when he killed Angstrom Levy. She goes on to say that they will offer their technology and take their share of Earth’s resources. She say they could rid Earth of disease and war. Mark argues that they would be slaves that are fed while the planet is rid of its resources. Mark asks what will happen when they leave, with her revealing that Earth will be destroyed.

Cecil interrupts and asks Mark to take care of a job for him. The woman offers her help in order to convince Mark that she’s compassionate. The duo heads into the monster. The Viltrumite easily passes over Mark, exhibiting her superior flight and speed. She easily kills the monster while Mark evacuates the passengers on the cruise ship. He then asks for her help in moving the ship. The duo accomplish it with Mark showing exhaustion from lifting an object that heavy and her not showing any sign of exhaustion. She then asks Mark he’s ready to come to Viltrumite side, with Mark refuses. She apologizes and attacks him.


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