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The woman launches Mark and easily overpowers him. She shows her Viltrumites short temper after losing her patience with Mark. She warns Mark about what will happen if he ignores his duties. She goes on to say that another agent will replace and he will killed if hasn’t taken any steps in taking over Earth. She tells Mark it could be five months or years before they come. She leaves, hoping that Mark see their side before then.

The US military arrives asking Mark if he needs medical attention. He declines and heads back to Upstate University. She flies back to the Viltrumite Warship to talk to her superior. She tells him that she couldn’t convince him, with him saying that they could have use him. She remains positive that Mark will come to their side and says that it’s only a matter of time.

Mark arrives to see his mother, stressed about what happened. Mark tells her about how the woman attempted to convince Mark to take over the planet. Mark then flies her home and takes her car back to his house. Mark and Debbie arrive to a cheerful Oliver and April. She tells Mark about Oliver about how he has already covered up to sixth grade in a few months and he will likely learn more.

Meanwhile, Allen is attempted to get back home moving at a speed in which he would be at Talescria in a few days. A Viltrumite warship passes him by with Allen hoping he hasn’t been detected. The woman that previously fought Mark is dispatch and Allen attacks her. Surprised by his newfound strength, she becomes angry, saying her fourth husband wasn’t able to hit her that hard. She tells him that will be sent to prison before his trial. Allen remembers what Mark said about his father and decides what to do. He purposely throws the fight and allows himself to be captured.

Mark becomes frustrated with his homework and decides that he will quit school. Mark flies outside, stressed about his forced Earth takeover deadline.

Invincible Vol 1 45 001

After time away from her, Nolan begins to realize that he misses Debbie.

Meanwhile at the Crockett’s Grill and Fine Eatery, Debbie is having dinner with her boyfriend, Paul. She has told Mark about them dating and Paul asks if it’s okay since Nolan “death”. Debbie then reveals that after his “death”, she learned that he never loved her to begin with.

Meanwhile in a Viltrumite Prison, a cellmate of Nolan’s notices that something is wrong with him. Nolan realizes that he misses his wife.


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