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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

After his retirement, Immortal moves to a quiet, snowlike mountain with a cabin built around it. He puts his fish that he captured on a rack and is shocked by his wife’s appearance. Kate has revealed herself to be alive the entire time. She apologizes for leaving Immortal alone and tells him that he had a close call before, deciding that she would keep her zero copy hidden. She also reveals that her duplicates have a psychic link, all having the same consciousness. She then asks him for his help in stopping her brother.

Meanwhile at the Pentagon, Cecil is observing Mark pushing 400 tons of steel with extreme effort. Mark gets up and removes his mask, wiping the sweat of his face. Mark tells Cecil that the more he lifts it, the easier it becomes, exhibiting his Viltrumite adaption powers. Rex enters and shows Mark his new artificial hand. He then mentions if Eve went to see her with Mark realizing that he knows it was him that told her that he broke up with Amber Bennett. Rex apologizes, citing that he knew Eve liked Mark. Cecil asks Mark to take care of a situation in DC. Mark lets Rex go with him and carries him by “arm-pitting’’

At the Smithsonian, two martial artists from the future named Fightmaster and Dropkick are stealing the Declaration of Independence. They had easily defeated many police officers and attempt to escape back to the future. Mark and Rex arrive. While Mark and Rex are fighting the duo, they discuss Mark’s relationship with Eve.

Rex reveals that he was with Eve for three years. Rex easily defeats Dropkick by firing a BB from his artificial hand and Mark has trouble with Fightmaster since he has quick reflexes and Mark is holding back. Paul Cha arrives, duplicates himself, and ambushes Rex. Fightmaster land a blow on Mark and it has no effect. He sees Paul attack Rex and easily defeats Fightmaster. Paul attempts to kill Rex and Mark pulls off some of his duplicates. Rex charges a baton and kills many of Paul’s duplicates.

Rex denies killing Kate and Paul refuses to believe him, citing that her martial arts and powers would have made her survive. Rex denies any involvement in her death and the martial artist duo escape back to their timeline. Mark attempts to get Rex out of the duplicate pile, but Paul pulls the duo back in. Rex reveals that he can kill them as long as he doesn’t kill all of them. Mark unleashes an attack and kills many of Paul’s duplicates.

Paul continues to pummel Rex until Immortal and Kate arrive. Paul is happy to see her, and reveal that he wasn’t sure that her zero copy was hidden. Paul absorbs his duplicates and tells her about him not trusting Rex. Rex then demand that Kate tell him that he didn’t kill her. Mark attacks Paul and tells Kate that he’s going to jail.

Meanwhile in the Viltrumite prison Nolan, Nolan easily defeats the aliens guarding him. A man with a cybernetic eye arrives, interrupting. Nolan calls this person “General Kregg” and Kregg reveals that he’s been watching Nolan’s battle. He tells Nolan that he will be put to death now that he is in full condition to be executed.


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