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Kregg tells Nolan of Viltrumite law and how a person must be at full strength to be executed. Kregg however had beaten Nolan and has two nameless Viltrumites restrain him. One speaks about Nolan being his hero. As Nolan moves he sees Allen. Allen uses his telepathic powers to communicate with Nolan and says they’ll talk later.

Meanwhile on Earth, a man with cybernetic attachment on his mouth is talking to Titan about Paul Cha, revealing him to be part of the criminal organization, The Order. Liu also tells Titan that a foreign Order member cannot be incarcerated in a country that is protected by another Order member. Titan assures Liu that Paul will be freed. Liu calls Machine Head an embarrassment and says he’s glad to see Titan not follow in his footsteps. Titan has Isotope take Liu back to China. \ In Upstate University, Mark sees William dressed in his Invincible costume, commenting that it’s “gaaaaay”. Across town, Magmaniac and Tether Tyrant are hiding out in an apartment. Tether Tyrant tells Magmaniac, who’s name is revealed to be James, asks him when they will be back into crime. Magmaniac suggest they law low for a while. James leaves to get groceries. Tether Tyrant goes into his room and talks with his appendage, saying that soon they will get back into crime.

Meanwhile in the Utah Guardians base, Amanda is being trained by Robot to learn to how to use a drone so that she doesn’t have to see her monster form. Amanda becomes frustrated and begins to cry. Robot comforts her while she lets her emotions out. James arrives to see Tether Tyrant complaining about the amount of groceries they have. James sees that Tether Tyrant is right and they decide to get back into crime. Mark arrives back to his house and asks his mother to wash his costume since he caught William in it. Oliver asks Mark to tell him about Nolan since Debbie refuses to speak on him.

While Mark and Oliver discuss Nolan, Magmaniac and Tether Tyrant attempt to rob a trunk. Oliver tells Mark of his memory of Nolan, showing that he can remember many thing. Oliver also tells Mark that Nolan was a kind person and it doesn’t fit the way he acted on Earth. He comes to the conclusion that one is the real Nolan and the other an act.

Mark then called to take care of the duo. Oliver watches him from a distance. Tether Tyrant’s appendage attaches to Mark and he lands a punch on him, surprised at his strength. Mark uppercuts Magmaniac and stuns him. Oliver comes and attacks him, much to his surprise. He pushes towards Tether Tyrant so that Mark can escape. He asks Oliver to move and he charges into him. Mark kicks Magmaniac and the duo leave.

Meanwhile at Pentagon, Cecil congratulates D.A. Sinclair, but learns that Oliver’s powers have been unlocked. Sinclair thanks Cecil as he looks on his Reanimen that are now being used as soliders.


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