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Mark and Eve go to a mountain to have their first date. Mark, however, is thinking too much about Oliver killing the Mauler twins. Mark wishes to talk about it with him. Eve tells Mark that she understand since she know about the personal and superhero part of life.

Mark goes to talk to Oliver in their father’s old office which is now Oliver’s bedroom. Mark asks he wants to talk about what happened. Oliver defends himself and says that he killed the bad guys and people are safe, and asks what’s left to talk about. Mark is bothered by him not caring and says that “we’re not our father.” Oliver says that he agreed that Nolan may be right and Mark says that he doesn’t agree with it. Oliver talks about how the his mother’s people and how Humans are different. He talks about how his mother’s people work for the greater good of the whole rather than the individual. He also talks about he has no relation to Humans since he is digusted at about self-centered Humans are. Mark argues that he’s been on Earth more than he has his birth planet.

Oliver tells Mark of his enhanced memory and he remembers everything that had happened in his life. Mark become frustrated with him and leaves. A concerned Debbie asks what’s going on, with Mark refusing to know. Mark then becomes angry that her boyfriend, Paul knows about his secret identity. Mark goes to his room and Eve arrives to comfort him. He talks about his Viltrumite short-temper and asks Eve if she wants to see a movie.

Mark goes to his old dorm to move all his stuff back to his house. He also helped William move his belongings out to Rick Sheridan’s room, revealing that he will be moving in with him.

Mark goes out patrolling though not liking since it’s not as effective as having Cecil speak to him through the earpiece. He sees Titan at Stronghold Penitentiary, and stops him. Mark tells Titan that he knows about Titan taking over Machine Head’s position. Titan tells Mark that he’s “visting a friend.”

Titan threatens to sue Mark and Mark attacks him. Titan converts to Rock form and begins to fight Mark. Mister Liu interrupts, annoyed by Titan’s delay. He summons his soul dragon goes to rescue Paul Cha himself. Mark attempts to fight it, but the dragon swats him away. Paul apologizes to him, and the dragon grabs him and frees him from prison. Later, Liu revokes Titan’s membership in The Order and tells him that he turn over his operations. Titan tells Isotope to prove his loyalty. Isotope teleports Liu, his bodyguard, and Paul to China.

Liu declares war on Titan and summons his astral dragon, revealing that the dragon comes out when he’s unconscious. He takes his bodyguard, his body, and Paul to the United States.

On his way back, Mark sees Eve and the duo kiss one another. Eve asks if he’s happy with her. Mark assures her that he and says that they will go on a date with no interruptions, since Cecil won’t be calling him out of nowhere. Eve accepts and he flies back to his house. He wishes to talk with Oliver. Oliver apologizes to Mark for acting the way he did, but says that his emotions are different than Mark and he will likely not act the same way as Mark would since he is not Human. Mark accepts and hugs Oliver, much to his disgust.


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