Quote1 But you... you're strong enough... you could kill me... separate my parts so I don't come back... you could give me the eternal peace I've longed for. Quote2
-- The Immortal

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Mark and Eve decide to go to Paris on their date. They are interrupted by Fightmaster and Dropkick. Mark attacks Fightmaster, believing that they are there to fight. Dropkick asks for Mark’s help to save the future. The duo reveal that they are the future's heroes.

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Mark accepts and Eve offers to go. The duo suggest that she stay since it may alter the timeline. Mark changes into his costume and another Mark pops out to take them, much to Mark’s confusion. Robotic police attempt to arrest the trio. Fightmaster tells Mark that he needs him to fight their king, who had become a tyrant.

The trio allows themselves to be arrested. The duo tell Mark that the world was in chaos centuries ago and that one man stepped in to take control. Mark asks if he’s a Viltrumite with them not knowing what that was. They tell Mark that they were using a poison made from ink from Declaration of Independence which is why they robbed the Smithsonian. The poison didn’t work and Fightmaster talks about how he lost his wife against the king.

The trio arrive with Mark being asked to be seen by the king. The king to be a future Immortal. The Immortal realizes that it’s Mark. Mark learns that he left the planet centuries ago and Immortal begins to talk about how unhappy he is. Mark then asks if it’s about Kate with Immortal not remembering her, showing that his long life span has made him lose his sanity. Immortal tells Mark about how he wants to die and asks Mark to kill him, much to his dismay.

Immortal goes on to say that he doesn’t care about the world and has committed horrible acts to get people to rebel against him. Mark refuses to kill him and Immortal says that he must if wants to leave alive. Immortal attempts to enrage Mark and tells him about the future. He reveals that he has killed women, children, and reveals Mark to be ruler of the Viltrum Empire in the later future. Mark becomes enraged and tears Immortal’s head off. Fightmaster and Dropkick arrive and tell Mark that their resistance group has taken over and they have won.

Mark reveals that the Immortal isn’t really dead and he needs to be separated or else he comes back. Mark tells them how he was a good person, but him living too long made him lose his attachment to the human race. The duo take Mark back to his timeline and he arrives with his clothes on. Mark wishes not to talk to her about what happened. Mark asks her if she thinks he’s a good person and she says yes. The duo leave after a crowd stares at them strangely.

Mark and Eve go to various locations around Earth including France, Antarctica, Egypt, Sydney, and Italy. They also revisit the memories of their personal and superhero lives. They both declare their loves for one another and kiss, showing their love for one another.


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