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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Mark wakes up from his night with Eve, looking at her in admirance. Eve wakes up and playfully swats him with a pillow. Mark suggest that they get a new place and Eve tells suggest they get money to buy the land. Oliver interrupts and gives Mark the phone. Mark tells Oliver not to tell his mother about Eve being there. Mark gets a call from Amber and goes his closet to get his costume.

Mark heads out and Eve as well, much to Debbie’s sarcasm. Oliver decides that he will go on his own adventure. He arrives to his location which is Amber’s college, Peyton Noble University. Mark asks Amber how things are and Amber reveals that her father died and that her boyfriend, Gary. Their incident would leave a large bruise on her face. Mark becomes angry and demands to know where he is. Oliver sees Rampage attacking cars.

He attacks him, and Rampage asks Oliver to free him from his suit. Meanwhile, Mark holds Gary by his leg over a high roof and reminds him of what he did to Amber. He tells her not to do it again. Gary apologizes for he did to Amber and Mark threatens to kill him if he does so again.

Mark throws him to a door and flies off. Gary then calls his friend to get him out of there. While Oliver is fighting Rampage, Mark goes home and learns that Oliver is fighting him. Mark heads over and elbow drops him. Mark heads back to see Amber. Amber tells him that she forgives Gary and that she will give him another chance, citing that he was sorry. Mark asks she’s sure and Amber tells him not to worry. She thanks Mark and hugs him.

Mark flies into a bush and asks Eve’s mother for Eve. She tells him but corrects him by saying that her name is Samantha. Mark goes to Eve and tells her of what happened. The duo then rest on Eve’s bed. Mark goes back home and sees Oliver. Oliver reveals that he was reading and doesn’t need to sleep as much, a trait she inherited from his mother. Mark tells Oliver that he feels responsible for Oliver and that he should train more. Oliver notices an orb and Mark goes to reach it. He realizes that someone was watching them.


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