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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Mark and Oliver are practicing flight, hoping to make Oliver faster. Mark comments that his accelerated learning has made him get faster and the duo head to a hot dog stand which Mark previously ate at with Nolan Grayson. Eve leaves from Stronghold Penitentiary, a prison that houses supervillains. Eve leaves the area, frustrated at the environment of the place.

In the former Teen Team base, the Guardians of the Globe that resigned are discussing a new team name. Rex suggests “Global Guardians” to anger Cecil. Robot argues that there could be legal issues, and Bulletproof thinks that the name is silly. Amanda becomes frustrated with them and storms off. Robot asks what’s wrong and Amanda talks about her powers are reversing her aging process. Robot tells Amanda that he has found a solution to her problem. Amanda thanks Robot and hugs him.

Meanwhile, Kate and Immortal are shopping for a house. Kate likes the house, but Immortal prefers a smaller space. Immortal argues that he is not used to it. Kate says that they need the space for their children to play, much to Immortal’s shock.

Mark and Oliver arrive to their house, but Oliver goes too fast and crashes into the roof. Eve is there, asking if they have a date. Mark is about to get changed, but go out to stop a supervillain.

Underwater, the new Aquarus, Lethan becomes bored with being the ruler. Mark and Eve rush to fight Killcannon and Mark easily defeats him. Mark mentions that Killcannon mentioned her being at the prison. Eve denies, but Mark persists and she eventually tells him

Shapesmith goes to Arthur Rosenbaum’s shop to get a new costume. Shapesmith see a design and makes one using his shapeshifting abilities, stealing Art’s idea.

Black Samson visits Darkwing II looking for SHapesmtih. He notices something wrong with him and asks him to explain. Darkwing begins to think that Mark was right about him being a murderer and not deserving redemption. Black Samson argues against and believes that he had earned the name Darkwing. Darkwing thanks him.

Mark arrives to Eve’s house and Eve tells him of the company, Invincible Inc.. Eve reveals Invincible Inc to be a private security firm and that Mark is called to take care of problems. She reveals that she was negotiating his price and that the phone gets reception everywhere. The duo kiss in celebration.

In the Grayson Household, Oliver is studying with his tutor April Howsam, who says that his accelerated learning has improved.

Mark sees the orb and attempts to grab it, but it detonates. Meanwhile in Rus Livingston’s apartment, the Sequids have taken over his body and replenishing their ranks.

In the Teen Team base, Robot gives Amanda a special belt to deal with her reverse aging. After months of observing Amanda’s cells, Robot had discovered that her coverting to Monster form destroys her human form cells and when she reverts back to human form, it rebuilds her cell by cell. However, the transformation was doing it wrong and that’s what caused her to become younger. It puts her back together, but all the cell don’t survive and thus she’s get younger and younger. Robot tells her that the belt will take a copy of her cell structure and assist in rebuilding her body, maintaining her age. He has Amanda covert to monster form and the belt doesn’t break.

Amanda notices the change and feels older. Mark arrives and asks if Robot has found out who’s watching his family. Robot says no and that the technology is “otherworldly.” Meanwhile, it is revealed that Angstrom Levy has been gathering 12 alternate versions of Mark for his plans.


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