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Months after healing from his battle with Conquest, Mark helps with the clean-up and have metal casts placed over his hand, arm and leg. Mark is attacked by a Dinosaur-like being who says Mark helping the cities isn’t good for the world. He argues that the leveled cities would push the economy into boom, creating jobs for many people. Mark fights him while Eve and her mother make dinner for Mark to meet her parents.

Mark punches the creature, breaking his metal cast. The creature reveals himself to be Dinosaurus. He punches him again, but he gets his hand caught by Dinosaurus’s teeth. He punches him again and he reverts back to human form, revealing him to be a man. The man asks for help as he is unsure if he can control his Dinosaurus transformation. Mark becomes angry and prepares to kill him. The Guardians of the Globe arrive and Robot believes that Mark was going to kill him.

He goes to Eve’s house and talk about it. Mark says that he was ready to kill him, but felt sorry for him. The duo head into Eve’s house to have dinner with her parents. It starts out quiet until Betsy asks Mark what his father does, much to Eve’s frustration. her father becomes frustrated and reminds her that his father is Omni-Man. Betsy apologizes and they move to a different subject.\

Conquest (Invincible) 003

Conquest easily escapes his 400 prison and leaves Earth.

After dinner, Adam calls Mark outside. He offers him a cigar and Mark declines. He thanks Mark for dating Eve, even though she wasn’t a virgin they started dating. Adam goes on about how being a virgin is important to women and talks about how his wife was a virgin before they got together. After he goes into graphic detail, Mark goes back on the couch, disturbed about what he was told. Eve asks what is about and he doesn’t want to into detail.

The next day, Mark and Eve go to visit the warden of Stronghold Penitentiary to discuss the Invincible Inc. contract. Eve says that world-threatening events take over the events of clients. The warden gives them a six month free service period. Mark accepts, but Eve negotiates a three month period. The warden reluctantly accepts.

On their way back, Mark discusses her powers acting up and Eve assures her that they are working. Eve suggest that they use Oliver for the reserve business. Oliver arrives with a new costume and new appearance of an adolescent male. He tells them that Art designed the new costume and that Debbie is out with Paul, leaving the house to themselves.

Meanwhile in the Mojave Desert, Conquest wakes from his injuries, surprised that he is alive. A naked Conquest escapes his 400 ton prison with minimal effort and goes into orbit. He looks back at the planet and smiles as he leaves. Cecil panics after Conquest escapes. Elsewhere, the Sequids have possessed more humans and are ready to launch their attack on Earth. That night, Mark knocks on the door with Eve in the bathroom. Eve tells him to go away and he leaves. She cries after discovering that she is pregnant with Mark’s child, the reason her powers aren’t working properly.


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