Quote1 Son this is war...and it's time for us to rejoin the fight. Quote2
-- Nolan Grayson

Appearing in "The Viltrumite War, Part 4"

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Plot Synopsis for "The Viltrumite War, Part 4"

Invincible Vol 1 74 003

Thaedus meets with the various leaders of the Coalition council

In the secret headquarters of the Coalition of Planets, Thaedus calls upon the assembly and talks with the several alien leaders that are part of the Coalition of Planets. He reveals that Nolan was a Viltrumite that had betrayed the Viltrum Empire. He also reveals that the weapons they receive have been known to hurt Viltrumites. Before he can finish, Anissa charges herself through their headquarters with Kregg standing watch and other Viltrumite Warships deploying enslaved soldiers.

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Anissa destroys the Coalition headquarters

Oliver talks about how his attraction to Humans and how their attractions are narrow. He talks about how he ate a lobster and he thought it was beautiful. Nolan talks about how he knows a woman with a similar appearance. Nolan is shocked when he sees [[Mark Grayson|Mark]] wakes up from his coma. A fearful Mark asks if Nolan killed Conquest and he corrects him by saying that he did.

Allen walks in on Zack having sex with another alien, much to his shock. Allen brings up that he is with Lin. Zack says that he is and says that they agreed to see other people, citing that their sexual organs aren’t compatible, much to his annoyance. Allen tells him to get ready to come to Talescria as they got a distress signal.

Mark is relieved that he killed Conquest doesn’t know he is did it, citing that Conquest was stronger than him. Nolan argues that Mark is stronger than he thinks and was more invested. Mark becomes aggravated that because he promised he wouldn’t kill. Nolan tells him that it’s war and that it’s time for the trio to get back into the fight.

Invincible Vol 1 74 001

After Mark recovered from his injuries, the trio rush back to Talescria to rejoin the fight.

While the Viltrumite Warships lay waste to Talescria, Thragg talks with to the skull of Argall, the Emperor of the Viltrum Empire. He tells the skull that Thaedus had killed him and that it started with Thaedus that Viltrumites started rebelling. Thaedus lifts the building that he was crushed upon. He rushes to who he believed is the traitor. The alien points to the traitor and he charges toward him, ready to kill him. Kregg stops him, much to his happiness. Kregg grabs Thaedus’s leg and pulls him back. Allen and Zach arrive to the planet and attack Kregg.

While Allen fights Kregg, Zach attempts to rescue Thaedus. Anissa grabs Zach and bearhugs him, attempting to suffocate him. Thaedus attacks her and frees Zach. Kregg calls Allen foolish while Allen argue that their empire is on the ropes. Thaedus tells Zach to regroup and the duo are shocked by the appearance of Nolan and his sons arriving.

Anissa grabs the duo, but Nolan frees them. While Mark and Oliver destroy the enslaved aliens, weapons so they can’t fight. The duo charge into the Viltrumite Warship and split it in two. Thragg notices Argall’s skull jumping and rushes to catch it. Thaedus and Zach see them destroy the ship and catch the other half of the ship.

The four of them throw the ship into space. An enraged Thragg goes to fight them, but decides that he can’t risk it, much to the enslaved solider’s confusion. Anissa and Kregg punch their oppoents are head with Thragg to escape. The enslaved aliens surrender and Nolan notices the information aliens arguing. One is enraged by the other’s betrayal, citing that they shared brain together for their first six months of their lives. He fires a laser into the betrayer’s head and demands to know where the Viltrumite are. Thadeus intervenes and says that he will pay for his crime. The betrayer reveals to them that they will be on their home planet to stage a counter attack.


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