Quote1 Surrender?! You sicken me. There is nothing left...but revenge! Quote2
-- Thragg

Appearing in "The Viltrumite War, Part 5"

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  • Thought Receivers


  • Talescrian spaceship

Plot Synopsis for "The Viltrumite War, Part 5"

Invincible Vol 1 75 001

The Coalition of Planets readies themselves to fight at Viltrum

While Talescria is being reconstructed, Thaedus gives a speech to his allies, stating that the Viltrum Empire worlds have turn to the Coalition of Planets. He asks if the group consisting of Mark, Nolan, Zack, Space Racer, Allen, Battle Beast, and Oliver are ready to take the fight to Viltrum. Oliver responds with excitement with a “hell yeah.” Seven of them head on to a spaceship to ready to battle. Nolan discusses that he will likely stay on Talescria.

Mark sees the amazement of how they were able to replicate his costume. Nolan talks about how their cities are almost done when it’s only been three days. Oliver arrives and asks Space Racer where he was. Nolan reveals that he went to pick something up. The seven leave the ship, much to Mark’s confusion. Thaedus explains that the ship would make them easier to detect.

Thaedus also reveals that Viltrum is a tomb which is why the bodies circulate around the planets. The seven rush in, neither to they know that a Viltrumite is hiding among the bodies. Thaedus is ambushed by a woman, demanding to know why Thaedus came back to Viltrum. Battle Beast smacks her with his mace, stating that she’s talking too much. The woman is identified as Thula and Thaedus believes that their arrival was most likely reported. Nolan, Mark, and Thaedus witness Thragg lead the charge. Thaedus tells them to move from opponent to opponent.

Space Racer arrives with the Ragnar who are under mind control devices, which is why he wasn’t on the ship. Space Racer fires his gun, easily killing a Viltrumite and releases the Ragnar. One manages to kill two of them and Thragg recommends that they let the vastness of space kill them Anissa rushes to Nolan and says that Nolan revealing their weakness won’t stop them. A Viltrumite attempts to suffocate Zach and Thaedus is fighting Kregg.

Allen easily decapicates Zach’s captor and saves him. Another rushes towards Allen and he easily impales his arm through his stomach, with his fist popping out his mouth. Mark and Oliver fight off Viltrumites. Oliver lands a blow on a Viltrumite’s testicles, though the latter has no effect on him. Thragg punches Space Racer off his hover cycle and states that the Viltrum Empire will win.

Thaedus Invincible 004

Thaedus, Mark, and Nolan successfully destroy the Viltrumites' home planet, Viltrum

Mark rushes to Thragg, much to Thaedus’s fear. Mark attacks him, though the latter has no effect on him. Thragg smacks him away and Oliver rushes to him. Oliver mocks him and Thragg catches his punch. Thragg tears off his arm and breaks his jaw effortlessly, much to Nolan’s horror. Anissa grabs Nolan and Mark rushes to Thragg while he tosses his arm aside.

Mark attacks Thragg and pummels him, though the latter only suffers a nose bleed. Thragg mocks Mark, stating that he is in over his head and that Conquest fears him. Mark reveals that he killed Conquest and now will attempt to kill Thragg, much to the Anissa and Kregg’s surprise. Nolan punches Anissa and Thaedus uses the time to think of a plan. He tells Space Racer to come to him and takes Mark with him. Battle Beast uses Thula as a weapon and swings her around, enjoying the battle. Thaedus tells him to fire his gun at Viltrum. Allen and Tech Jacket fend off the assault while Mark, Nolan, and Thaedus move at a fast speed. Thaedus tells the duo that they must move fast or the core will stabilize and kill them. Mark attempts to keep with the duo, but Nolan pulls him so they move faster.

Space Racer’s gun opens the planet’s core so that the trio can fly through it, showing that his gun can pierce through planets. They move in and successfully destroy the planet. The trio are grabbed by Viltrumites and pummeled. The planet’s destruction causes a shockwave that knocks the combatants unconscious. Mark rushes to catch Oliver and Thaedus regains consciousness and tells the Viltrumites that they have nowhere to no run. An enraged Thragg, who suffered no injuries from the shockwave, begins to cry.

Thragg goes to say that Thaedus brought about this and they won’t stand for it.

Thaedus argues that he is prepared for him, but says that the Viltrum Empire has nothing left to surrender. Thragg rushes in and decapitates him, knocking back Nolan and Allen. Thragg holds Thaedus’s head to weaken Coalition morale, much to Nolan and Allen’s horror. He declares Argall, deceased Emperor of Viltrum, avenged and crushes Thaedus’s head, gushing brain matter. Mark begins to cry of the thought of Oliver dying. Allen and Nolan ready themselves and Thragg tells them to grieve, revealing that they are all next.
Thaedus Invincible 005

Thragg decapitates Thaedus, avenging Argall's death.

Science Dog Back Up-Story: Part 3

Science Dog emerges from his abduction and the alien reveal that they abducted him so that he could use his superior intellect so that they can find fuel for their ship. Science reveals that he had found a way so that they can create their fuel source artificially. He learns that he was in their stasis chamber for 11 months. The alien thanks him before teleporting him back to Earth. Science is attached by robots and he rushes to the lab that Rachel and Daniel occupy. He sees Rachel sick and hungry and learns that Daniel had died. He says that he will fix it and after three years, he successfully builds a time machine. Walter interrupts and he activates the time machine. He goes back moments before Daniel goes to fight Walter. Science Dog rushes in and sees Walter die again.


The variant cover is an homage to the original issue's cover.


  • When Viltrum was destroyed, a statue was crushed. It is speculated that the statue may be Argall, Emperor of the Viltrum Empire.

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