Quote1 They left us alive for a reason, my father and me...there no way the Viltrumites just gave up and went into hiding...not right before killing us. What did we do to them? we destroyed Viltrum...Thragg was ready to kill us for that..he was right there, he could have done it...but maybe he thought of another way to hurt us...something more painful than death. You can't find them because they're not in this galaxy, Allen. The Viltrumites have gone to Earth. Quote2
-- Invincible (Mark Grayson)

Appearing in "The Viltrumite War, Part 6"

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Plot Synopsis for "The Viltrumite War, Part 6"

Thragg rushes in to Mark and fights him. Mark fights and says that Thragg killed Oliver. Mark punches him and the latter has no effect on him. He continues to pummel Mark about how he destroyed their home. He smashes his fist on Mark’s temples, causing him to have blood shot eyes. Nolan rushes in and punches him.

Thragg tells Nolan that Thaedus killed Argall which is why the Viltrumites erased the weak from their planet. Nolan reveals that he knows and says that though it pains him, he feels that the Viltrumites deserve extinction. Thragg headbutts him and Battle Beast rushes towards him. Thragg tosses him aside, calling him a nuisance.

Anissa and Kregg pummel Allen, managing to break his arm. Battle Beast’s body frees him from the barrage for a moment. Anissa punches Allen, but is distracted by Space Racer killing a Viltrumite. Space Racer grabs Allen and tells Allen that they were supposed to wait until he came with the Ragnar before they fought the Viltrumites. Space Racer uses his hover cycle to grab Tech Jacket and the trio leave Mark and Nolan to fend for themselves.

Thragg readies to kill Mark and Nolan. Mark asks how do they beat him and Nolan says that they can’t. Nolan reveals that in order to be named the Grand Regent, he was made trained from birth to be the strongest Viltrumite and trained in all manners of combat. Thragg grabs the duo’s necks and Nolan reveals that he loves Mark, despite what he said during their battle.. He believed that it made him weaker, but not says that it made him stronger. Thragg calls him “pathetic” and kicks Thragg’s hand so that Mark can escape.

Mark attempts to escape, but Thragg easily catches up to him. He grabs Mark’s hair and smashes his fist on Mark's face. Nolan catches up to them and Thragg impales him at a superhuman speed, disemboweling Nolan.
Nolan Grayson (Invincible) 002

Thragg impales Nolan not much longer after pummeling Mark.

Thragg grabs Mark and Kregg asks why Thragg hestitates. Thragg decides to let them live and tells him to call the ship. Kregg argues that they need Viltrumites loyal to them and attempts to kill them. Thragg catches his punches and tell him that they need them if they are to survive. The Viltrumite take their warship and leave them to die. Captain Pikell arrives with a ship and learns that they are alive.

Two weeks later, Mark wakes up from his coma. Allen goes to visit him and is relieved that Mark is alive. Mark asks him what he’s wearing and he says that his arm was broken in the battle. Allen also reveals that he was made the leader of Coalition of Planets after Thaedus’s death. He also tells him that he supposed to address him as “Great Allen” and tells him that the pay is good.

He asks where his father is and Allen reveals that he woke up a few days earlier, revealing that Nolan heals faster than Mark does. Mark sees his brother in a stasis pod with a new cybernetic arm and jaw.

Nolan reveals the Viltrumite brain can survived an extended period of time without oxygen, hence why they hold their breath in space. He also reveals that his mother’s species can also as well, revealing that Oliver, with training, can hold his breath longer than Mark. Nolan also reveals that the solution he’s in is enhancing his Regeneration and letting his skin grow over his cybernetic parts.

Zack arrives to tell Allen that there is no sign of the Viltrumites. Allen smiles and tells Mark about it. Mark begins to panic. Mark goes on say that Thragg wouldn’t have let him and his father live if he didn’t want to hurt. He reveals the reason that he let them live is because they went to Earth.


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