Quote1 Before you overreact, take notice of the fact that you couldn't make us leave if you wanted to. What I propose is this...we will live among you. The people of Earth will not even know we are here. You will not eve know we are here. You will not interfere with any matter on Earth. We do no want our presence to be known. We will not attack you..but we will not help you. My people will blend in, live as Humans with Humans. We will intermingle...we will interbreed. This is the only way to ensure our survival of the Viltrumite people. We will restore our ranks over the course of thousands of years. Human DNA has been proven to make near perfect hybrids...the closest thing we have to pure-blooded Viltrumites. Our children and our children's children will join our ranks, their children will have children and our ranks will swell with the infusion of Human DNA. You will allow us the time to restore our rebuild our Empire. Quote2
-- Thragg

Appearing in "The Viltrumite War, Part 7"

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  • Talescrian Spaceship

Plot Synopsis for "The Viltrumite War, Part 7"

Invincible Vol 77 001

Thragg appears before the duo, showing them that the Viltrumites are on Earth

Mark begins to think about the possibilites of the Viltrumites being on Earth. He pictures many of Earth's heroes including his girlfriend being killed by them. He also sees Cecil Stedman being killed by Thragg as he refused to agree to coexistence.

Meanwhile at the Coalition of Planets headquarters, Allen is having all of his things moved into his new home. Telia attempts to comforts him and he tells her about how he worries about the Viltrumites. He also reveals that he misses Zack, who is befriended during the Viltrumite War. Zach enters and sees the quiet atmosphere between Mark and Nolan. He tells them that he will help in whatever way he can, but leaves after the depressed duo linger.

Nolan begins to discuss how much he cares about Oliver and how leaving him there was right. Mark hallicunates that Thragg had killed his mother and her boyfriend. Mark pulls the door aside and decides to fly to Earth himself. Nolan follows him and Thragg reveals himself to the duo. Mark attacks him and the attack has no effect on Thragg. Thragg grabs Mark’s throat and slings him aside. He also tells them that he wants to talk as if they fight, the Viltrumites could lay waste to the planet. Thragg reveals that there are only 37 Viltrumites alive and that he wants to propose a truce. Thragg goes on to say that they will surrender but take over Earth, much to Mark’s anger. He tells Mark what they will do.

He tells them that the Viltrumites will hide among humans and interbreed with them, replenishing their ranks. While Thragg explains, Lucan is disguised in business attire while Anissa is aggravated by the two men flirting with her. He also goes to say that they will not help the Humans or fight them. Thragg explains since that Human DNA is almost 100 percent compitable with Viltrumite DNA, it is the closest be pure-blooded. He goes to say that the children of the Viltrumites will join the Viltrum Empire and their generations will join their ranks. He asks that they allow thousands of years for this to occur.

Kregg disguises himself as a biker and uses an eyepatch to cover his cybernetic eye. Mark refuse to let him. Thragg argues that he can kill the Humans off and asks that Mark reconsider. Mark initially says no, but reluctantly agrees to the terms.


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