Quote1 Allen, if you are reading this, then I am dead. Forgive my arrogance, but if I have met my end, I can only assume the war against the Viltrumites has taken a turn for the worse. There is a weapon that I regret to inform you I have kept a secret. There is a secret passage in my chamber, I have marked its location on this blueprint. As my chosen successor, you should not have difficulty gaining access. I apologize that I had to keep this secret, but with Viltrumites as our allies, I had to consider this as a last resort. The Scourge Virus. The virus that ravaged the Viltrumite population... nearly killed them all. This is a stronger strain, perfected... it will not fail this time. If the war effort appears lost, I urge you to use it... ignore your attachment to our Viltrumite allies. For the good of the universe. Eradicate all Viltrum life... forever. Whatever you do, make certain that I did not die in vain. - Thaedus Quote2
-- Thaedus

Appearing in "The Viltrumite War, Conclusion"

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Plot Synopsis for "The Viltrumite War, Conclusion"

Thragg thanks Nolan and his son for saving their species and says that they will not hear from him again. Zac, arrives and Mark tells him that the Viltrumite war is over. The duo leave to go to their house. Debbie talks on the phone to her boyfriend and decides to break up with him. Mark and Nolan arrive and a crying, but happy Debbie hugs Mark after 10 months of being away from him. She notices that Oliver isn’t with them and asks where he is.

Nolan tells her that he’s alive and recovering at Talescria. He asks who Paul is and she tells Mark to go see Eve.Nolan learns who Paul is, much to his disappointment. Debbie becomes angry and tells him that he has reason to be upset. She reveals that with Mark gone, she wasn’t there for him. Cecil emerges from his teleporter and fires his gun at Nolan. He apologizes, citing that Mark told him that he reformed. Cecil then learns that the war is over. Mark arrives to Eve's house and she cries. A crying eve who has noticeably gained weight while Mark is away hugs Mark.

Cecil arrives to the Pentagon and sighs. He tells D.A. Sinclair that the war is over after he had prepared many Reanimen including Invincible Reanimen. Zach arrives and learns from his neighbors that his father is at the space station. The duo look at one another, commenting that they both grew beards. Eve updates Mark on what has happened. She tells him that he has managed to keep the Invincible Inc with the help of Bulletproof. She also reveals that her powers are normal again and she had money saved to buy land. However, she didn’t since Mark was gone. She begins to cry of thought of him dying. She asks if he was in a coma.

Nolan and Debbie talk. Debbie mentions that seeing Nolan again made her feel odd when she with Paul. Nolan tells her that he misses her and she holds his hand. She pulls back and Nolan pushes forward. Nolan argues that his millennia of beliefs to overcome. Debbie becomes angry and cries, wishing that things were they used to. Nolan argues that they won’t because he won’t lie again.

Eve goes to visit William while Rick leaves for work. William talks about it Eve has told Mark something. She tells him that she doesn’t know how to. Mark flies over in sky, stating that the war is over, but they didn’t win.

Meanwhile at the Coalition of Planets headquarters in Talescria, Allen receives an urgent from Thaedus. The message is just in case he had died. The message tells Allen about Scourge Virus and asks if the war effort is lost, ignore his attachment to his Viltrumite allies and eradicate all Viltrumite life forever.


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