Quote1 No, Just listen, it's--oh god...I had an abortion Quote2
-- Samantha Eve Wilkins

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Invincible Vol 1 79 002

Mark reverts back to the original costume he received from Art

Mark arrives to Art’s shop. He tells him that Nolan is on Earth, but must keep his prescene hidden. Mark tells Art that his new costume isn’t working out. He reverts back to his original costume. Mark arrives to his house and sees Eve getting back into costume. He comments that he likes her new weight change. Eve gets a call from the Invincible Inc. business and heads to fight off. He fights Furnace, Kursk, Doc Seismic, Insomniac, Giant, and Elephant, commenting that “it’s good to be back.’’ Mark arrives to Eve and Debbie, much to his confusion. Mark becomes uncomfortable with the duo bonding, much to their frustration. Marks asks where Nolan.

Meanwhile under the Pentagon, Nolan and Cecil Stedman walk through the hallways in the Global Defense Agency headquarters. The staff are terrified to see Nolan and Cecil suggest that he can’t stay here. Meanwhile in Stronghold Penitentiary, A man finds out that his Dinosaurus is achieved by a feeling of indifference.

After he stops caring, he breaks free of his restraints and turns into Dinosaurus. Mark and Eve fly over to Kate’s and Immortal’s house. The duo great them with excitement and welcome them in. Kate compliments Eve’s appearance and introduces the duo’s twin children, Mary and Abraham, much to Mark’s happiness. Immortal tells Mark and Eve that they have prepared dinner already and asks the duo to eat with them.

Invincible Vol 1 79 001

Mark apologizes to Eve after she revealed she had an abortion while he was away.

The four of them share stories of their past. Kate describes giving birth to twins, “slightly more painful than being ripped in half”. Mark talks about destroying Viltrum and his role in the Viltrumite War. Kate discusses Eve’s father thinking that they were lesbians, much to their humor and Immortal’s shock. Immortal discusses John Wilkes Booth assassinating him, revealing that he was Abraham Lincoln. He also regrets that he was executed, but says that he couldn’t blow his cover. He also tells them that were the time different, he would do it differently.

Eve and Kate bathe Kate’s twins. Kate comments that he sees how happy Mark and Eve are. Eve believes she’s unsure. Kate hands Abraham to Eve and she looks him, beginning to cry. Eve hands Abraham back to Eve and goes outside. Mark goes outside after hearing what happened to Eve from Kate.

Eve wipes away her tears and Mark attempts to persuade her to tell him what’s wrong. With enough persistence, Eve reveals to Mark that she had an abortion, much to his shock. Eve explains that with Mark gone, she couldn’t be a mother alone. Mark begins to cry and apologizes for leaving the burden to her.

The duo hung and Mark tells Eve that he loves her. In the house, Kate is discussing with Immortal that though she loves Eve, she believes that her issues make her unable someone happy. Mark and Eve look into each other, with tears running down their face.


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