Quote1 This city is a drain on natural resources of epic proportions. The Colarado River will soon dry up. This region can't sustain itself. Furthermore-- If it were destroyed, the area would be ideal for a solar power station large enough to power this country with clean energy, freeing it from the burden of fossil fuels. You may try and fight me--but deep down, I know you know I'm right. Quote2
-- Dinosaurus

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Mark and Eve arrive to the Grayson House and learn that Nolan and Debbie are back together. She also reveals that Nolan can’t stay on Earth and decides to go with him to Talescria, much to Mark’s confusion. She states that she wants to explore other worlds and see Oliver.

Debbie and Nolan take a spaceship and head to Talescria, leaving Eve and Mark their house. Mark tells him that he will miss them and Eve says that she will move in. Mark wakes up from that night and asks Eve she wants to talk about. Eve refuses and the duo presume sleeping.

Mark arrives to William’s dorm room and discuss how he misses him. Rick arrives with their dinner and greets Mark. Rick goes on say they’ll be happy to have Mark over for dinner. Rick kisses William on the cheek and calls him “babe”, much to Mark’s confusion. William reveals to Mark that he is gay and in a relationship with Rick. He also reveals that he had been afraid to admit and that Eve knows about them. Mark remembers back to all the times he had undressed and William remarks that he’s attracted to Mark, much to his uncomfortableness. Mark tells the duo that he must check on Eve and suggest they set up a double date.

Invincible Vol 1 80 002

Dinosaurus sets off the hydrogen bombs, successfully destroying Las Vegas

On his way back, Mark notices a thief with a briefcase. The man notices Mark and attempts to shoot him. He realizes who Mark is and surrenders, expecting Rex Sloan. Mark corrects him by telling him of his death. Mark asks him what the weapon he’s holding is. He reveals to a gravity gun that lets him distort the gravitational field around him. He also reveals that his boots intensify the gravitation on the object he on so that he sticks to it, but still move.

Mark asks why he robbed the bank. He reveals that he wanted to marry his girlfriend, but didn’t have the money for it since he used money to build the equipment. Mark decides to let him go and he thanks Mark. He hands over his briefcase and Mark takes it back to the bank. Mark heads back and gets the Science Dog comics he missed out on in the 10 months he was gone. Mark goes to bed and gets a knock on the door. Eve wakes up and sees that it’s Art Rosenbaum asking where Nolan and Debbie are. Eve reveals that they left for Talescria and Art walks away, depressed that he didn’t get his friend.

Invincible Vol 1 80 001

Mark wallows in greif after he was unable to stop Las Vegas's destruction

Mark and Eve move into his parents old room and Eve cleans their sheets to an atomic level. Eve gets a call from Invincible Inc. and Mark heads to Las Vegas.Dinosaurus begins destroying the city so that the people would leave. Mark charges into him and Dinosaurus argues that he should be helping him evacuate Las Vegas. Mark calls Dinosaurus insane and Dinosaurus explains. He states if the city is destroyed, it would become an ideal to built into a solar panel array, giving people a cleaner energy source, freeing the country from the burden of fossil fuels. He reveals that he had placed a bomb and Mark rushes to move it out.

He states that he purposely put the bomb there so Mark would find it and that there are at least 50 of them. He also reveals that the bombs will vaporize city to glass to assist in the energy process. The city is destroyed and Mark survives the attack, unharmed. A naked Mark looks on the ground and sees glass, saddened by the lost of Las Vegas.


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