Quote1 This is being a Super-Hero? I'm just stopping crap from happening at any given moment. I'm not doing anything really worthwhile... ...and when I fail... my God, I fail big. We have the power to change the world, Eve... ...but instead things just keep getting worse. Quote2
-- Invincible (Mark Grayson)

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

A news report reports the destruction of Las Vegas about the city being destroyed and who had done it. A depressed Mark sees it and Eve asks he not blamed himself. Brit, William, Rick, Cecil, and an angry Scott Duvall, who has joined The Actioneers. His anger causes his bolts to charge, much to his teams shock. Kinetic tells him to calm down and Scott apologizes. She also mentions that they were turned into vampires one time Scott blames him for killing his family and sister. He apologizes again after acting out of anger.

Mark had finished meeting with Cecil, Donald Ferguson, and Brit. Mark talks about it with Eve, citing that they could see that they blame him for Las Vegas’s destruction. Mark decides that he should fight a different way. Brit and the other discuss Mark’s actions. Donald suggest taking over the business and Brit brings up that fact that he was present in Paris’s destruction. Cecil rebuffs and says that the blame falls on them. Cecil believes that Dinosaurus is still alive.

In Georgia, Dinosaurus reverted to human form after escaping the Las Vegas destruction and local police see his armor, though not knowing he's there.

Mark and Eve find someone else use the gravity gun from a person he previously stopped. He fires the gravity gun at Mark and he slings back. Eve restrains him and takes the gun from him. Mark asks where he got it from. Mark finds the person responsible who’s name is revealed to be Chris. His fiancée interrupts and Chris introduces her as Hanna.

He asks him to come with him, much to her horror. Mark tells him that he will find someone who will buy it, but use it for the right purpose. Mark takes him to the Pentagon and introduces him to D.A. Sinclair. Chris will start a new job working for the Global Defense Agency. Cecil mentions that he has no formal education and worked at a factory, making it bizarre he invented the equipment. Mark flies back and is ambushed by an angry Scott.

Scott unleashes a large surge of energy and blames him for what happened in Las Vegas. He also revealed that he joined the Actioneers and receive counseling for his wife and son’s deaths. Mark argues that he wears the burden on his shoulders and defends himself. He also mentions that more people would have died if he didn’t stop his father. He fires another bolt at Mark and Mark refuses to hit him, knowing that he will absorb the kinetic energy from his attacks.

Mark explains and notices that not attacking is making Scott run out of energy. Mark details and says that though he fails, he tries. He also says that Scott can’t blame him for killing his family. He explains that it was Scott that put them there. Scott breaks down in tears after realizing that Mark is right. The Actioneers arrive, restrain, and transport him.

He apologizes to his team for letting them. Cecil arrives and asks Mark how he’s doing. Mark says that he’s okay and that he’s dealing with what happened to Vegas. Cecil reveals that Scott is helpful and will receive more counseling. Cecil believes that Scott confronting the source of his anger will help with his counseling process. Mark understands and Cecil asks Mark can help him. Mark refuses and leaves. Mark tells Eve about what happened and realizes that things are getting much worse.


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