Quote1 I'm starting to see a time when I'm not even wearing the costume anymore. Dressing up, punching guys...I mean, it has its place, but I've been looking at things...differently. Like Universa today. We talked, we resolved something...she's no longer an enemy. I think. Quote2
-- Invincible (Mark Grayson)

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

After returning from the Flaxan dimension, Rex goes to meet with Cecil.

Cecil asks how long he’s been there, as time in the Flaxan dimension is much faster. Rex estimates for about 12 years. He reveals that he had ruled the Flaxan Empire while he was there. He goes to say that he came back because for personal reasons. Cecil apologizes and Rex says that he’s out of sync with human behavior since being away.

Cecil offers him a job, much to Rex’s confusion. Cecil explains that they have the resources, but there’s something missing. He asks Rex to lead the various superheroes that are organized. He tells him about the Capes, Inc, Actioneers, Wolf-Man and the WOLF C.O.R.P.S.,Tech Jacket, Invincible though he doesn't directly answer to Cecil and the newly expanded Guardians of the Globe.

Cecil accounts about Rex’s extraordinary ability to perform a task and use his drones at the same time. Rex accepts.

Meanwhile at Stronghold Penitentiary, Mark talks with the warden to visit Universa. Though he initially wanted to refuse, the warden lets him. Mark greets her a shackled and restrained Universa and she becomes angry with him, saying that he had doomed her world. Mark attempts to apologize, but she refuses to listen. Mark asks that they unshackle and the guard refuses, citing that she nearly killed three guards.

At Crockett’s Grill and Fine Eatery, Kate and Eve meet for lunch. She notices that Eve is losing weight and is happy for her. Eve remarks Mark likes her the way she is, much to Kate’s confusion.

Under the Pentagon, the man who has been revealed to be named David Anders has turned himself in. He reveals to Cecil that he knows how he transforms. At Stronghold, Mark explains that he’s found a different way to solve problems and Universa asks why has he come. He reveals that he’s attempting to convince the prison to release her. Mark tells her that he knows that she’s desperate, not evil. He asks her if she’s willing to cooperate without attempting to fight him.

She reluctant agrees and she is released. While Universa siphons energy into her staff, Mark and Cecil discuss what’s happened. Cecil says that he’s impressed with Mark coming up with the idea to have 10 minute blackouts to support her energy. He asks that he come by the Pentagon and he accepts. Before he goes, Mark goes to see Universa and she thanks him. Mark apologizes for imprisoning her. Universa says that Mark was right about her being desperate. Universa smiles as she leaves Mark, hoping to one day repay his kindness.

Invincible Vol 1 82 001

Cecil reveals that the alternate versions of Mark that were killed were turned into Reanimen

At the Pentagon, Cecil visit David and David asks that he be treated rightly while he’s there. David tells Cecil that an overwhelming amount of indifference is what causes his Dinosaurus transformation and persona. In Utah, Rex tells Amanda about him taking the job as director the superhero teams. He asks how she’s adjusting. An older Amanda says that everything has changed, much to Rex’s depression.

Mark and Cecil meet in the White Room and asks if he can help him from time to time. Mark tells him that they don’t agree on everything, he will help, but not wear an earpiece like he did previously. Mark begins to realize to not fight as much and be more rational, looking for common ground. Cecil asks Mark to not be upset and reveals that the alternate counterparts that died in The Invincible War are now Reanimen.


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