Quote1 Whoa...Dinosaurus was right. Quote2
-- Invincible (Mark Grayson)

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Eve goes to visit William and Rick. William mentions that he hasn’t see Mark since Las Vegas’s destruction. William goes on say that Mark messing up is bad and him messing up on a job means someone get a bad latte, revealing he works a coffee shop. Eve defends Mark and William apologizes. Mark goes to Las Vegas with Cecil Stedman to see the aftermath of its destruction.

Cecil reveals that solar panels were built on the glass city. D.A. Sinclair brings Chris, the person Mark previously stopped before, and reveals that he invented double sided solar panels that would collect twice as much solar energy since the surface of Vegas is mirror-like. Cecil also reveals that the work on the panel provides thousands of jobs. Mark then realizes that Dinosaurus was right.

Meanwhile in Utah, Rex is moving into the Guardians of the Globe base. Amanda comments that she will be finding a place to live. Amanda informs Rex that she saw him watching her and reveals that she didn’t sleep with Bulletproof. Rex responds with a “I don’t care”.

Mark heads home and Eve gets back from shopping. Mark asks her to talk with him. He asks that will she trust him if makes a decision that he believes will feel wrong, but be for the best in the long run. Eve agrees though confused at first. Eve tells Mark she love him and Mark returns it. The duo embrace. At the Pentagon, Cecil is taking his regular bath so that his artificial skin stays on. Donald interrupts him and tells him that Mark is attempting to free David Anders, from his prison. D

avid tells Mark that he transforms from an overwhelming feeling of indifference. Mark tells him of his about his father telling him that he will someday get powers like him when he was young. He also tells him when he was seventeen and working at Burger Mart that tossing trash bag made him realize his powers develop.

He also tells him about his first time flying. David not caring causes him to transform into his Dinosaurus form. Dinosaurus thanks Mark for helping him transform, but is surprised that Mark is helping him. Mark admits that Dinosaurus’s methods are extreme and destroying an entire city. Dinosaurus remarks that they were sacrifices made and brings up Mark fighting his father and how it saved others from dying. Mark says that they can make a difference if they work together.

Cecil unleashes the Invincible Reanimen. After being attacked by them, Mark takes Dinosaurus outside through the underground floor and pavement hiding the Global Defense Agency base. Cecil watches in shock and tells Donald to three squadrons. He positions squadrons at the Pentagon, the Utah Guardians base and Mark’s house.

Cecil tells Eve that Mark is now a fugitive and if Eve doesn’t inform Cecil of his location, she will be an accomplice. Cecil goes on to say that him doing this means that he could have been working with Nolan the whole time.

Mark takes Dinosaurus to his secret base in an unclosed location. He asks if Mark is ready to get started and Mark accepts, signifying their new partnership together.


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