Quote1 I'm sorry, this is going to get ugly, but I just couldn't do this without telling you first. I value our friendship too much. It's being loaded on a ship, that I am personally going to travel to Earth in...where I will then introduce the virus into the planet's atmosphere. I'm sorry. Quote2
-- Allen the Alien

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

On their way of Talescria, Nolan and Debbie would use their spare time to be intimate. A server walks on them and gives them their food, much to the server’s digust. The server returns back and is annoyed, waiting for them to get to Talescria. Debbie buttons up her shirt and says that they won’t do it again until they find a way to lock the door. Nolan playfully pulls her in.

On Talescria, Telia and Allen are discussing Oliver moving out. Tellia tells him that Oliver has to leave because it doesn’t leave them with alone time since Oliver saw them having sex. Allen remarks in anger that with what she’s saying, he is relieved that their species are incompatible for procreation, much to her dismay. Allen goes to check on Oliver who is having his cybernetic parts calibrated. Oliver says that he’s fine and can barely tell that they aren’t his regular body parts. Oliver heads out to see the city and Allen kisses Telia on the cheek and heads to work.

While having sex, Nolan and Debbie are interrupted to be informed that they are approaching and to head to briefing in 10 minutes. Debbie tells Nolan to finish up. Meanwhile, Allen is arguing with a Coalition ambassador about the Viltrumites. He is persisting Allen, and Allen tells him that the team sent to Earth is coming back. Nolan tells Allen about Mark and his agreement with Thragg, much to Allen’s digust. Allen tells him that they will have talk more about it. Nolan and Debbie head back to their quarters.

Oliver attempts to stop a burglary, but the police on the planet intervene. The criminal surrenders and is tasered. Nolan sees Oliver and takes him to see Debbie. Debbie hugs Oliver, much to his dismay. Nolan is called by Allen and asks him to meet up. Nolan defends the Viltrumites and says that Earth will change them. Allen says that he has make a decision and that the pressure is overwhelming. He asks Nolan to leave him. Nolan goes back home, stressed and unhappy from the talk. Oliver is happy that he is letting him stay there. That night, Oliver holds two pillows over his ears while Nolan and Debbie have sex, much to his annoyance. Allen looks on in sorrow and Telia goes to comfort him. He asks if he’s a good person if he’s about to do something bad for the sake of the universe. Telia says that he is as it is his job.

Oliver and Nolan fly to Allen’s office and discuss things. Oliver says that he will be staying on Talescria and argues that Earth is worse because Humans are constantly fighting one another. They arrive and Allen tells Oliver to leave. Allen tells Nolan how he plans to handle Earth. He says that he’s not going to like it and Nolan rips the compartment that previously held The Scourge Virus, seeing that it isn’t there anyore. Allen reveals that he will personally go to Earth to dispense the virus and that he values their friendship too much. Nolan tells Allen that the virus is designed to kill Viltrumites and since Humans are genetically similar, it is likely that they will be killed too. Allen states that he knows and Nolan attempts to stop him. Allen asks if he is ready to fight.


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