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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Omnipotus has revealed himself to have been in Earth the whole time. He would use the months he was there and absorb the energy of the world. His home dimension was depleted of energy and couldn’t absorb any. He would easily defeat the Guardians of the Globe. Mark and Dinosaurus arrive to the scene and Omnitpotus attacks them. He attempts to suffocate Mark, but Dinosaurus bites his head off, causing a large surge of energy that would cause his body to explode, successfully killing him. Mark is unharmed from the explosion and so is Dinosaurus. The Guardians led by Robot attempt to apprehend Mark and him, but Mark escapes.

Mark goes back home to an angry Eve who is upset to know that Mark is working with Dinosaurus. Mark states that what Dinosaurus did was wrong, but with Mark’s help, he can guide them. Eve says that Mark could have helped. Mark says he would have, but he doesn’t completely trust Dinosaurus. Cecil interrupts and asks him why he’s doing this. Mark points out the solar array panels are the good that has come out of Dinosaurus and that he can guide him. Cecil is baffled at his blind trusting of Dinosaurus. Cecil learns about Mark’s one eyed friend and says that he will send the Guardians to deal with it. Mark tells him that he will go and to call off The Guardians.

Invincible Vol 87 001

Thragg offers his assistance to Mark after Allen and Oliver threaten to infect the Human race and Viltrumites.

Mark arrives and greets Oliver. Mark wonders where his parents are and Allen tells him that they stayed at Talescria. Allen reveals to Mark about his plan to release The Scourge Virus into Earth’s atmosphere, much to Mark’s anger. Allen and Oliver attempt to convince Mark to consider it, but Mark refuses.

Mark tells the duo that it will infect Humans and asks Allen how it isn’t any different than what happened to his people. Allen argues that infecting them will stop the threat from happening again. Mark believes that this is the reason why Nolan didn’t come along. Mark says that he is right and says that Oliver can’t help, citing that he has been cold to the human race. Allen says that they have to and Mark punches him, believing that part of Allen wants Mark to stop him. Oliver attempts to restrain Mark, Mark pushes him off. Allen easily overpowers Mark and cites that Nolan couldn’t stop him, asking Mark what chance does he have. Thragg catches Mark tells the duo that he has him.


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