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Allen and Oliver are shocked by Thragg’s appearance. He reveals to the duo that he knows about their plans to introduce The Scourge Virus into the atmosphere and had set up technology to monitor Earth’s orbit. He asks him why he shouldn’t kill them both. Allen threatens to infect him with the virus by pulling on the dispenser, much to Thragg’s anger. Allen reveals that the strain is stronger than before and will override any previous immunity. Thragg argues that he could kill Allen before the virus could take effect.

Mark interrupts and asks that they give up since Thragg knows about their plan. A stressed Mark asks that they don’t fight. Thragg says he understand that Allen is under pressure for being the leader of the Coalition of Planets. Thragg proposes a truce and explains. Thragg explains that killing Allen will not accomplish anything and says that he only has his word that all Viltrumites are on Earth. Thragg also says that he knows Allen doesn’t want to do it and that since it isn’t the only virus he might have. The terms of the truce are that the Viltrumtites live in secret and in return, the Earth will be unharmed and they don’t try to kill them.

Allen initially refuses, but Thragg says that he is backed into a corner and has no choice. Allen agrees and Oliver attempts to fight him. Allen restrains him and the Guardians of the Globe arrive.Bulletproof is confused on why he can hear Mark and Rex can’t. Mark tells him that he has a Thought Receiver and Rex is out of range. Bulletproof repeats what Mark said. Thragg wonders who they are and Mark assures him that he’ll handle it. Bulletproof tells Mark that Rex wants the four of them to come to the Pentagon, but he refuses.

Rex uses his drone an in attempt to restrain Mark and the Guardians start fighting them. Mark deflects a blow from Bulletproof and Monster Girl attacks Thragg, who’s attack has caused no damage to Thragg. Mark warns them to stay away from Thragg. Thragg effortlessly Monster Girl aside and Japandroid crashes into her, crushing her helmet.

Rex’s drone intervenes and gives her a new helmet. Kaboomerang throws a boomerang at Allen and it has no effect while Knockout fights him. Oliver kicks Le Brusier and heads for Allen’s virus dispenser. He flies to Earth’s orbit to administer the virus himself. Mark holds Thragg back, asking him not to fight the Guardians. Thragg rebuffs, stating that his patience will only go so far. Mark sees Oliver heading towards Earth and rushes after him. He tackles him and Oliver drops the dispenser.

Invincible Vol 1 88 001

The effects of the Scourge Virus begin to take effect, starting with Mark's face.

Oliver calls Mark an idiot, stating that he is trying to save the universe. Mark smacks him away and rushes towards the dispenser. Mark catches it and Oliver tackles him. Mark tells Oliver that he can’t do it even if he doesn’t care about Humans. Oliver argues that how can Mark stop the human race over the universe. Mark argues that he doesn’t see as “either or”. Allen asks the combatants to stop and heads to Earth. Bulletproof asks who Thragg is. Oliver attempts to take the dispenser from him and accidentally fires into Mark’s face.

Oliver watches in horror and rushes for him. Allen catches up and tells him to stay back as the virus could infect Oliver too. He catches Mark and asks about his condition. Mark panics as he believes that the virus could have infected humans too. Allen reveals that the virus is spread through personal contact, relying on a carrier to spread it. Mark is relieved and Allen asks that Mark be quarantined until he knows for sure. Allen looks at Mark and sees that the virus is already taking effect, much to Mark’s confusion.


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