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Mark is transported to the Pentagon after he had broken his arm Cecil. After eleven surgeries, Mark’s arm will heal normally. Cecil reveals to Mark what’s he’s been told about The Scourge Virus and how he may lose his powers permanently. Mark still has his strength, but without his invulnerability, the sheer pressure causes his arm to break. Mark says that it will take him some getting used to. Eve assures him that it will come back since Dinosaurus says it’s likely it will.

Octoboss crashes through and attempts to seize control of the Pentagon. A Squidman talks to Octoboss in their language, questioning why he’s speak English when’s terrible in it. Octoboss himself, stating it’s practice. Mark attempts to fly, but realizes he lost his flight abilities. Cecil puts on his headset and tells Rex to get all the teams he can while Eve forms a protective bubble. While playing video games, Rex calls the Guardians and says that he has Capes, Inc and Wolf C.O.R.P.S. on standby. Zandale charges towards Octoboss and pushes him. Yeti and Black Samson attack him next. Brit tells Shapesmith to wrap around Octoboss while the others fight them. Japandroid constructs a weapon around Amanda’s fist. Shapesmith launches Octoboss and she delivers the final blow, causing Octoboss to lose many teeth.

Rex tells Capes and Wolf C.O.R.P.S. to stand down and congratulates the Guardians for taking care of him. Brit reports to Cecil and tells him that the place will be cleaned up. Rex congratulates Amanda and she angerly responds back, stating that he was too busy playing the game. Rex comments that her anger fluctuates. Monster Girl destroys her drone, much to Brit’s confusion and Rex’s annoyance.

Brit understands that they used to be close and a flashback of when they went to the Flaxan Dimension happens. Rex and Amanda enter the dimension and the portal closes behind them. The duo are surrounded and decide to surrender. Weeks later after testing her, Amanda shrugs the guards escorting her to their cell. Rex reveals that the Flaxans believe that Amanda was trained by him and that Rex’s drone is an actual robot.

Robot says that he will learn the Flaxan language by listening to transmissions and says that their new mission to escape the dimension rather than take down the Flaxans. Days later, The duo eat together and are interrupted. Amanda converts to Monster form and sees the Flaxan prison guards put a prisoner in the cell. Rex interprets part of Flaxan language and concludes that the prisoner is supposed to be food for Amanda, assuming that Amanda eats people.

Mark and Eve arrive home. Eve assures Mark that he will get his powers back. Mark begins to worry that he may lost his powers and never be “Invincible” again.

Meanwhile, Zandale finally arrives home and sees Carla upset, much to his confusion. Zandale begins to undress and Carla tells Zandale about her low culinary skills, stating how he forgets why she needed him. She begins to cry and tells him that his parents are coming. Zandale uses his super speed and cleans the mess around the house.

He sees his painting of a naked woman and covers it up before he lets them in. His mother, Harriet, comments on how she likes his hair and his father talks about how his brother, Tyrone, would fit in better with a normal haircut. At the table, they wonder if where Tyrone has been. Zandale says that he saw him in a gallery in Viriginia.

Zandale’s father talks about how much better Tyrone is than Zandale, stating that he’s a scientist at day, Bulletproof by night. He also says compares the bad food to Zandale’s art. Carla and Zandale go into the bathroom and she asks him to tell her the truth about his brother. Zandale says that he’ll manage, stating that the truth will crush them. Zandale tells them that he’s ordered a pizza.

Brit and Cecil leave the Utah base, leaving Rex to play video games. Amanda comes to apologizes to Rex and he ignores her. Rex apologizes and says that he wants to forget about what happened, much to Amanda’s frustration.

Flashing back to the Flaxan dimension, Amanda finishing battling a beast for the Flaxan dimension. Rex’s speaks with his cell mate. Rex communicates with him in Flaxan and the cell mate says that his Flaxan is getting better, but he can still use work. Rex asks why they took Amanda and the cell mate tells him that Amanda is being used as a gladiator to fight for the Flaxan emperor as his champion.

Amanda returns from her battle and converts to human form, breaking free of her larger restraints. Amanda asks why she must wear her belt, noting that her again hasn’t change. Rex argues that time moves faster in the Flaxan dimension and since Flaxans age rapidly in the Earth dimension, it must be the opposite for them. Rex reveals that Amanda and him age slowly in the Flaxan dimension. Rex notes that Amanda and him have been there for 4 years with no signs of aging.

Presently, Amanda becomes angry with Rex, stating they were together for seven hundred years and she loved him more than anyone else has. She goes on to say that he threw it away after a mistake. She leaves angrily, much to Rex’s sorrow.


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