Jack Northworthy

Jack Northworthy (Citizen Jack)
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Jack Northworthy
ex-sheriff father

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Jack Northworthy is considered a dispicable man. Frequently self-absorbed and bull-headed, he was the only Minnesotan mayor to be impeached. He made a deal with his deamon friend, Marlinspike, to become the President of the United States of America.[1]


Jack loved hockey and it consumed most of his life. He had dreams of playing professionally. When he became injured, he had to give up the sport. Later, He became mayor of Musk. He soon was impeached. He had drug charges raised against him but bribed his way out of them.[1]

In the Story

Jack Northworthy became a snowblower salesmen in Melinnesota and owned Jack's Snowblowers. When the new mayor had snowplows out immediately after it snowed, Jack would lose business. He would get out with his gun and stop the city plows to help boost sales.[1]

Later at Musk City Hall, Jack visited the mayor in her office and asked for her to slow down how fast they plow. She refused, which angered Jack. He then approached his father who was ex-sherriff who also turned down Jack and told him he was a failure as a son. Jack announced his decision to run as president on the internet, and local news stations picked it up and named him the Dumbass of the Month'.[1]

However, the one good thing that came from this was Marlinspike had Donna Forsyth arrive in town and become his campaign manager. Intrigued by the chance of power, Jack finally signed a contract to sign himself over to Marlinspike in exchange for becoming the President of the USA. Marlinspike marked him with a symbol on his chest.[1]

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