Real Name
Jennifer Murphy (born Jennifer Wilson)
Current Alias
The Liberty League
Dragon (ex-husband), Angelica Dragon (Savage World) (daughter), Jennifer Murphy (Image Universe) (herself from another reality)
Base Of Operations
Chicago, Illinois

Marital Status
Place of Birth
Racine, Wisconsin
First appearance
Appearance of Death


Jennifer was dating Dragon and the couple planned to be married but as global devastation was caused during CyberFace’s rule, she opted to leave Chicago with her daughter. Jennifer was on the run with Angel for years until they finally returned home in light of Dragon cleaning up much of the world, with the assistance of his new teammates within the Liberty League.

Dragon explained that his counterpart from this reality was deceased while his doppelgänger shared the same fate. This led Dragon and Jennifer to try and pretend that they were the real deal to one another and began dating. The couple was soon married and Jennifer was brought into the ranks of the Liberty League.

The Liberty League remained together for a while but slowly began to fall apart. Jennifer had her powers removed by Negate, leaving her incapable of protecting her daughter. She became increasingly frustrated with how blasé Dragon was about most things, primarily regarding his dismissal of Mister Glum as a threat.

Glum fed Angel a growth serum that caused Angel to grow to an immense size, destroying her home and leaving her mother paralyzed. Jennifer decided that life with Dragon was too dangerous and she had her best friend Gertie Funt check her out from Hillman Hospital. The duo went in search of super-powers to restore Jennifer to full health but when Jennifer visited the Creator’s home, Mister Glum had used the God Gun to control all humans’ minds. Angel no longer had any recollection of her mother and shot her dead, burying the remains beneath the building. Dragon searched for his missing wife for years until Angel eventually came clean about the murder through a letter.

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