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Jessica Priest
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Daniel Chin (husband),
Brandon Chin (step-son),
Susan Chin (step-daughter)
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Jessica Priest is one of the world's most deadly and insane assassins. Under the command of Jason Wynn, Jessica was responsible for murdering Albert Simmons, as opposed to the originally considered suspect Chapel.[1]


As a five year old girl, Jessica was found outside her home, roasting marshmallows from the flames that burned it down. She marveled at the flames and openly admitted to officers that she poured lighter fluid on her parents and set the house on fire.[2]

Jessica spent several years receiving shock therapy. Years later as a teenager, Jessica was released and she went on another killing spree in South Bend, Indiana. She killed her entire school and felt that it was her mission to eliminate all the jerks in the world. She wa sent to prison to never be released.[3]

Working for Wynn

Jessica Priest 001

After spending years in a prison in a remote location, Jason Wynn appeared having heard of her great skills as an assassin. He offered her a chance to sharpen her skills by working for him which she accepted.[4]

Later, Jessica was sent to the Middle East to begin a war. After infiltrating a compound, singing in delight as she murdered many men, she launched several missiles at Israel inciting a war.[2]

Jessica returned home to her house in Queens, New York, which was not more than three blocks away from the Fitzgerald home. She was welcomed home by her family who had no idea she wasn't just a regular corporate america employee.[2]


Jason Wynn soon sent Jessica to Brazil to retrieve a biogenetic weapon, Heat-16. Using her cunning skills, she was able to escape sabotage by a man named Juuko and track down the base even without a guide. Once inside, she feigned captured to get close to the scientists performing the research. Once inside, she vomited a pill that caused an explosion once thrown. She escaped with the Heat-16 and was tracked by several self-regenerative biogenetic beasts.[3]

She returned the Heat-16 to Wynn after spending days in the jungle fighting for her life and informed him it was not a difficult task. Wynn promised to send her on more difficult ones in the future.[4]


She-Spawn (Jessica Priest)

Jessica later returns in the recent issues where she is seen chatting with Nyx about Al Simmons and how the forces of Hell will now target anyone who has ever made contact with him.In the 300th issue she would later become the second she-spawn.

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  • Superhuman Reflexes: Jessica is able to predict and react faster enough to dodge bullets and win nearly any gunfight.[3]



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In the 1997 Spawn film, Priest is played by Melinda Clarke.


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