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John Colby worked for the Philadelphia Police Department and was partnered with Tony Chu. He was struck in the head by a butcher's knife by famed serial killer Tracy Lee Cobb during a raid on an illegal chicken joint. John was originally expected to not make it through the night.[1]

International Flavor

Mason Savoy saw potential in John and put in a request to put John in the Cybernetic Implant Department to save his life.[2] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration seeded the money and hired John as an agent.[3] John has been partnered with Tony Chu again in the FDA where they continue their close, but argumentative relationship.

During Tony's personal time off in Yamapalu, he was asked to distract Mike Applebee. John slept with Mike which left his boss sweet on him for a period of time.[4]


Eventually after continually ditching him, Applebee returned to his ways of being disgruntle and disliking him and sent him on suicide missions.[5] During a surveillance mission, a mass suicide occurred at The Church of the Divinity of the Immaculate OVA. Applebee reassigned Colby blaming him for the failed surveillance mission.[6]

Major League Chew

John started his new career at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He was partnered with a lion named Buttercup. Despite John's excellent detective skills to identify an illegal agricultural based counterfeit, Buttercup's brawn brought down the illegal counterfeiters. John's actions were not appreciated by his new employees who happen to all be females. Using the same tactics with his old boss, Applebee, John sweet talks his way into sleeping with his new boss as well, Director Penya.[7] As a result, Penya rewards him with a 'better' partner, Poyo!

Bad Apples

Getting himself and Tony Chu reinstated back into the FDA, Colby begins working cases with a reinvigorated Tony Chu who's determined to hunt the Vampire.[8]

John picks up on subtle clues Caesar has accidentally left behind and calls him out as to working with Mason Savoy. Caesar agrees to setup a meeting with Mason where they agree to work together in secret and not tell Tony.

John continues a romantic triangle between Director and Applebee.[9]

Family Recipes

John fake arrests Mason Savoy to get him into the FDA Supermax Food Prison. Here they follow through on their plans to interrogate Ray Jack Montero who knew the Avian Flu would happen before it occurred.[10] John holds down the escape route as Mason reports they they have accomplished their mission and learned the secrets to the avian flu.[11]

Chew Revival

Ibrahaim Ramin Revival 002

Ramin investigates with FDA specialist Tony Chu.

Ramin and Dana helped receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration specialist Tony Chu to Wausau. Together they investigated a case where a group sneaked body parts into the quarantine zone. They investigated a restaurant that turned around to five-star quality food overnight. They uncovered the man had food powers allowing him to use a chopped of chef's hand to help him cook. Em Cypress helped take him down.[12]

Chicken Tenders

John and Tony soon headed to Las Vegas for an FDA conference. When they found beet-flavored vodka at a bar, Tony drank way too much and John drank more to get out of hearing Applebee's stories. However, he soon woke up in the honeymoon suite with Applebee and realized he had just gotten married to him.[13]

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