Jordan Borchardt

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Jordan Borchardt

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Jordan Borchardt is one of the youngest Revivers in town.

As a little girl, Jordan's mom died in car accident when she was going to buy a red dress.[1]

Later, she met Em Cypress at a Reviver meetup. She was invited to sleepover at Dana's home the next day to spend time with Cooper Cypress. When Cooper went to bed, Em and Jordan talked about not needing to sleep and seeing the Ghosts in the woods. Jordan told her they sometimes beckon her to come to them.[2]

Later that night, Em drove Jordan home. When a Creep suddenly appeared in the backseat and attacked them, they swerved of the road and crashed. Em tried to call Jordan back to the car but she kept running away. Jordan wanted to reuinite with the Creep as she believed it would help her see God. Em yelled for the Creep as she knew they came from the Reviver's bodies. She was worried upon returning to the body it would kill the person. She pleaded for it to leave Jordan alone. She sneaked up on it as it picked up a doll in a pretty red dress and tackled it into the water. Jordan become distraught as she wanted to die as the creep died from the water.[3]

That night, Jordan cut out her eyelids so that she didn't miss seeing God. Her mom panicked when she discovered her state.[3]

Her parents drove her to a quarantined CDC zone to be studied. They claimed she was no longer their child.[4] As she was kept in the CDC holding room, she banged her head against the door nightly to try and get it to open. She frequently spoke with her next door neighbor, the unknown masked man.[5]

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  • Reviver Physiology
  • Regeneration: Revivers have regenerated teeth and body parts
  • Resurrection: Revivers have been able to kill themselves over and over again, including jumping off of buildings, and always come back to life.
  • Reviver Weaknesses
  • Emotional Control: As Revivers continually die, they slowly begin to lose their intelligence and patience.
  • Diminished Intellect: Given enough deaths a Reviver begins to suffer from a lower intelligence and increased agitation.

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