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Joseph Oppenheimer
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Joseph Oppenheimer is a serial killer who possess the ability to consume his victim and absorb his memories and thoughts. This also leads Joseph to internal struggles with multiple personalities in his mind called the Now Place. He manufactures creative Avatars to fight against foreign intelligence in order to remain in control of his mental faculties.

While children, his twin brother, Robert Oppenheimer, excelled at the sciences while Joseph became fascinated with life and death. He killed fifteen people before he was eventually caught by the authorities. He was placed in an asylum for mental instability. Upon escaping, he found his brother and murdered him to absorb his soul.

When Robert was invited to join the Manhattan Project, Joseph took his place to enter the top secret U.S. Government research facility.[1] Here, he hid his internal struggle with multiple personalities. Every time Joseph was called upon, while highly intelligent, hid behind his coworkers for insights. He proposed three projects to further move humanity into the space age, with a forth project hidden from others for his own purpose:

  1. Ares: Building super rockets to explore space and colonize Mars
  2. Gaia: Radically extend life of human beings through science and medicine. Cure all diseases.
  3. Vulcan: Long-term energy plan. Since their infinite money will eventually evaporate as the Russians and Americans are actually working together, they need to make money.
  4. Charon: A secret plan he doesn't announce to anyone but one of his internal alternate personalities thinks about.

He ultimately blew the whistle on the Manhattan Projects in order to arrest the other scientists and gain absolute trust with the president. He came to the conclusion he would need to kill the other Manhattan Project members to gain their memories and thoughts in order to complete his secret project Charon.

All along, he was continually conflicted as his brother, Robert, was leading an internal civil war inside Joseph’s head. Robert represented the blue side and slowly conquered, murdered, and out-thought Joseph’s avatars, signified by the color red, to gain control over Joseph’s body.

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  • Mental Illness: Joseph Oppenheimer suffers from multiple personality disorder and gains a new persona every time he eats someone.

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This character is a fictional representation of Joseph Oppenheimer, a real person. More information on this person can be found at




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