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Appearing in "Chapter Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Linus

Other Characters:


  • United States of America
    • California
      • Bay Area
      • Los Angeles
      • Long Beach
        • Blarney's Inn
      • Santa Monica
      • West Hollywood
    • Washington, D.C.
  • Moon (Mentioned only)



Synopsis for "Chapter Two"

In the Bay Area, Brandon Sampson was using his telekinetic powers to carry a cargo ship in the sky. Suddenly, the ship started tilting and dropping cargo containers. The Utopian arrived and stopped the containers from falling, before scolding Brandon. The Utopian and Brandon argued briefly before parting ways. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Chloe was in a hospital bed and learned that she was pregnant. Jules came in, much to her annoyance, but left after she yelled at him. At the Blarney Inn in Long Beach, two men in suits confronted a man named Hutch, who used his power rod to send one of them into shark-infested waters, killing him, before the other one, Linus, left out of fear. Then, Hutch grabbed the hand of Chloe, who happened to be sitting right behind him. Later, Chloe and Hutch went to the former's house in Santa Monica, where she complained about her parents. Meanwhile, there were protests outside the White House in Washington, D.C., where Brainwave was holding a meeting. The Utopian walked in on the meeting and pulled Brainwave out, before the two argued about how to fix the economic crisis. Later, Brainwave went to West Hollywood, where he found Brandon drinking after his encounter with his father. Then, Brainwave proposed to Brandon betraying the Utopian, which the young man agreed to.

Solicit Synopsis

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