{{Item Template | Image = Spawn185_wizard206_photo_01_dp.jpg | OfficialName = K7-Leetha

| Aliases = Spawn | Model = | Version =

| Universe = Spawn; Todd McFarlane's Spawn | LeadDesigner = Malebolgia | AdditionalDesigners = | PlaceOfCreation = Hell | PlaceOfDestruction = | Origin =

| Dimensions = | Weight = | First = Spawn Vol 1 1

| HistoryText = When Hellspawn are created, they are given a sentient and constantly evolving neural parasite that appears to be suit. The K7-Leetha is hosted by Al Simmons (Spawn) once he became the chosen by Malebolgia. K7-Leetha is the daughter of the 7th House of K. She has evolved stronger and faster than most other hellspawn parasite suits.[1].

Made of Necroplasm, these Hell-born parasites bond for life and become closely connected with their host. Linking directly to their host's central nervous system, the parasite will listen to the needs and protect based on autonomic nervous system responses.

A similar neural parasite, K3-Myrlu, bonded with Billy Kincaid.[2]

| CurrentOwner = Albert Simmons | PreviousOwners =

| Notes = | Trivia = * When control is lost, the costume becomes symbiotic. If the control stays in the landlord, it's nothing but a normal costume Spawn #240 | Links =

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