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Keepers StormWatch Vol 1 No. 8
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Keepers StormWatch Vol 1 No. 8

The Keepers confront both Ripclaw & Sarah Rainmaker in StormWatch Vol. 1 #8.

The Keepers is the name of a team within the Wildstorm Universe.

The Keepers are a United States federal team designed with the purpose of handling superpowered beings. Their duties vary depending on their marching orders, however they are closely in service to International Operations, particularly with one of its directors Ivana Baiul.

Keepers confront Battalion

The Keepers confront Battalion in StormWatch Vol.1 #8.

The Keepers had a significant appearance when assigned to apprehend the fugitive Sarah Rainmaker while on the San Carlos Reservation in the southwestern United States. The team sent after her soon had to contend with Ripclaw, working as a solo agent from Cyberforce, sent by Reservation tribal elders to find Sarah. In addition to fighting Ripclaw, The Keepers had to combat the arriving presence of StormWatch One, sent on request by the Elders to also help save Sarah Rainmaker.
Keepers in Action

Keepers in action.

The following battle ended in The Keepers being destroyed by Stormwatch's Fuji (who jammed the barrel of a tank full of the Keepers and caused it to explode) and its leader being neutralized by Battalion.


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