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The Kingdom

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The Kingdom
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The Kingdom believed they are God's chosen race and will rise up to retake the earth.[1] They are a group of 777 vampires who planned to destroy sinners and non-vampires.[2]


Many years ago, a traveler was taken in by a man who had lost everything in a storm. The traveler was offered all that the man had left. In return the traveler have him a chalice that would grant eternal life when one drank from it. Since then, these people have walked the earth. Called names such as vampires. They bids their time until they will take over the earth.[3]

Attacking New York

The Kingdom warned the police by stringing up 7 bodies outside of New York City Police Headquarters.[4]

They began recruiting members with Dawn acting as recruiter for distraught teenagers. She convinced Max Williams IV and Lucas to join to strengthen their numbers for the upcoming war.

Elsewhere, several car thieves attempted to steal a car. The Kingdom members appeared informed them not to sin and then disable them telling them this was their turf now.[5]

Over the next few days, Dawn saw Max Williams IV's condition deteriorate. She whisked him away to other Kingdom members and told him he was being born again.

Elsewhere, Wolfram told Spawn they Kingdom have been gathering in the hundreds to begin their purge. They will kill all unclean should of New York City to send a message you all others to join them.[6]

The night of the purge their leader, Simon Pure, showed an "S" on people's foreheads to mark those that are sinners.[7] However, once they leaped down to attack, they were shocked to learn the city was suddenly cleansed of sins and halted their attack. They then sensed the sins had been transferred to Spawn and attacked him.[8] However, Ab opened a portal to hell in their Citadel of the Kingdom. This caused all of the Kingdom members to spontaneously combust.[9]


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