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Appearing in "Dulcinea"

Featured Characters:

  • Knightmare (appears in both flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:

  • Caine
  • Connie Knight (appears in both flashback and main story)


  • La Cosa Nostra
    • Carbone crime family
      • Joey Carbone (flashback only)
      • Jack Logan (Death) (appears in both flashback and main story)
      • Salvador Garba (First appearance; dies) (flashback only)
      • Vito

Other Characters:

  • Chicago PD
    • Ronald Murtaugh




  • Rocinante

Synopsis for "Dulcinea"

Years ago, Knight and Logan watched their mentor, Salvador Garba, kill a man by dropping him off the roof of a high-rise building.  Knight criticized the act, saying it drew too much attention. Insulted, Garba attacked Knight, but Knight kicked Garba in the balls and walked away.  In the present, Knightmare questions a mob stooge by dangling him off a roof and learns that Logan is going to kill his hospitalized wife before she can serve as a witness for law enforcement.  At the hospital, Logan and his men kill the federal agents guarding her as well as her doctors.  On his way to the hospital, Knightmare remembers arguing with his wife about his job.  He arrives just in time to prevent Logan from killing her.  The two men fight, and Logan recalls the day Knight told Carbone he was quitting.  Knightmare electrocutes Logan and flees carrying his wife.  Awakened from her coma, she demands to know what is going on, but before Knight can answer, Logan shoots him in the back.  They resume their fight as the police arrive.  Logan swears vengeance for Knight killing Garba.  Knightmare recalls dropping Garba off a skyscraper and decapitates Logan.  The police surround him, but Knight summons his computerized motorcycle and escapes. Perched on a nearby building, he watches as his wife leaves with the police.  Caine asks if he can do anything to help, but Knight says he is fine.


  • This is the final issue of the series.
  • This issue featured a wraparound chromium foil cover.

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