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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Ronald Murtaugh
  • Byron Tapp


  • La Cosa Nostra
    • Carbone crime family
      • Joey Carbone
      • Tina Carbone (First Appearance)
      • Jack Logan
  • Yakuza
    • Kirasu

Other Characters:

  • Chicago PD
    • Herb
    • Jensen
  • Manny (First Appearance)




  • Rocinante (First Appearance)

Synopsis for the 1st Story

Knightmare knocks out Logan and learns from a wounded Carbone that it was a Yakuza assassin who activated the bomb.  Logan regroups and attacks Knightmare from behind. Knightmare retaliates by beating him up and cutting off his hand.  Murtaugh and the police arrive and surround Knightmare, but he escapes using a small rocket in his staff.  From a nearby building, Byron Tapp watches Murtaugh question Carbone and plans to expose Knightmare’s existence to the public.  Then, one of the cops shows Murtaugh the active warhead.  Kirasu has fled in a truck, and Knightmare follows on his motorcycle, Rocinate.  A squad of ninjas attack from the back of the truck, but Knightmare kills them and climbs aboard.  Atop the truck, he is confronted by Kirasu.  They battle until Kirasu calls him a disgrace to his family, distracting him, and kicks him off the truck.  Back at the warehouse, the police watch as the timer on the warhead reaches zero and proves to be a fake.  Aboard a ship, Kirasu is shocked to learned Carbone survived his attack and meets with his ally, Carbone’s daughter.

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