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General Kregg

Kregg (Invincible) 003
Real Name
Current Alias
General Kregg
Several wives and offspring

Unusual Features
Cybernetic Eye
Marital Status
General of the Viltrum Empire
Place of Birth
First appearance


Kregg was born on Viltrum and is thousands of years old.[1] He would fall victim to The Scourge Virus and lose his eye.[2]

Sometime during his life, He would assume a high rank position in the Viltrum Empire. He would task Mark with preparing Earth for Viltrumite takeover or he will be killed if he doesn't comply.[3] To check on his status, he would send Anissa to do.[4] After she failed to convince him, he called it a shame as they could have used him.[5] He would also see Nolan Grayson destroy much of the Viltrumite Prison. He would see that Nolan is in full condition and that he will be put to death.[6] After roughening him up, he leaves him to two other Viltrumites.[7]

Invincible Returns

After Conquest failed to kill Mark, Conquest returns to the Viltrumite Warship. He angerily tells Conquest to bow to Thragg as none may address him unless bowing.[8]

Viltrumite War

Kregg (Invincible) 002

Kregg hiding among humans

Kregg would be seen helping Anissa lay waste to Talescria. He would briefly battle Thaedus until Allen the Alien and Tech Jacket (Zack Thompson) come to his aid. Kregg would briefly battle Allen until Nolan, Mark, and Oliver to assist. He would use the chance to punch Allen and escape with Thragg.[9] The group would retreat to their home planet, Viltrum. After Thula launches the suprise attack on the Coalition of Planets, Kregg charges with Thragg. Space Racer would arrive with the Ragnar and release it upon them. Thaedus would briefly battle Kregg until Mark reveals to Thragg that he killed Conquest, much to his shock. After Nolan, Mark, and Thaedus destroy Viltrum, Allen would turn his attention to Kregg and they would battle until Viltrum's explosion stops. KRegg would recover quickly, unaffected by the planet's explosion. He would witness Thaedus's death by Thragg.[10] Kregg, Anissa, and other Viltrumites would overwhelm Allen, managing to break his arm. Space Racer fires his gun and saves Allen. After Thragg would nearly kill Nolan and leave Mark injured, Thragg asks that they be spared. Kregg disagrees and attempts to kill the duo, stating that they are not loyal to the cause. Thragg stops him and says that they need the duo above all other. They get aboard the Viltrumite Warship and leave.[11] The Viltrumites would head to Earth and spend months there. Kregg would hide his cybernetic eye with an eyepatch and possess the apparael of a biker.[12] He would interfere with the Flaxan invasion of London by saving a few people from falling debris.[13] Thragg would reprimand him for doing so and he apologizes as he says a woman carries his child in London. Thragg argues that he has more than a dozen women pregnant with his children. Kregg says that he knows and that he loves them all, showcasing that his time on Earth has changed him like Nolan.

The Death of Everyone

Kregg (Invincible) 001

Kregg's reaction to Mark's death

Kregg would make an appearance with the other Viltrumites and would go depressed at the fact that Thragg threatened to kill anyone who interferes with the events.[14] He would also be one of the many people to see Mark's "death." [15]

Life on Earth

Invincible Vol 1 102 003

Kregg bows along with the trio after Nolan commanded them to spare Thragg

Kregg would meet with Thragg on the Viltrumite Warship and be reprimanded for he risks exposing Viltrumite presence on Earth. Kregg argues that the goal was to produce offspring and that he cares about his mates, stating that he couldn't sacrifice them. An angry Thragg tells them to leave and says that he will deal with them later.[16]

He would catch Thragg attempted to kill Nolan and stop him. Upon hearing that Nolan is the son of Argall, he along with Anissa, Lucan, and Thula would pummel Thragg and attempt to kill him. Nolan commanded that they spare him and they obey. He would later attend Nolan's inauguration [17]

Viltrumites (Invincible) 001

Kregg and other Viltrumites cheer on Nolan as he becomes Emperor of the Viltrum Empire

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Viltrumite Physiology
    • Superhuman Strength: A Viltrumite's strength is far greater than that of Humans. The upper limit is unknown as some Viltrumites are stronger than others.
    • Superhuman Speed: Viltrumites are capable of moving at speeds much faster than Humans.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Viltrumites generate less fatigue toxins than humans, allowing them to fight and move for extended periods of time without collapsing from exhaustion.
    • Superhuman Endurance: Viltrumites have endurance beyond human capabilities and have survived disembowelment, touching lava, and bomb blasts without permanent physical damage.
    • Flight: Due a complex balancing system located in their inner ears, Viltrumites have the ability to fly.
    • Interstellar Travel: Viltrumites can survive in outer space without aid.
    • Enhanced Lung Capacity: Viltrumites can hold their breath for up to two weeks without breathing.
    • Invulnerability: Viltrumite skin is much harder to pierce than human skin. Only beings of similar strength can harm Viltrumites.
    • Enhanced Healing Factor: Viltrumites can heal from injuries that would normally kill humans.
    • Decelerated Aging: Viltrumites have the potential to live for thousands of years and still be in their physical prime.
    • Dominant Genetics: A Viltrumite's genes will override other race's traits for physical appearance and powers.
  • Viltrumite Weaknesses
    • Vulnerable Ears: When a Viltrumite's equilibrium in their ears is disturbed, mainly by frequency, it can cause extreme pain and may even possibly kill them. Depending on how strong the frequency is determines that pain of attack.

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