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Laika was the first dog sent into space by the Russian Space program. He was partnered with Yuri Gagarin and had formed a close bond with the human.

Laika was one of several members of the Manhattan Projects who attended a war summit in Iceland to discuss a potential team-up between Russia and USA. Everyone was shocked to learn Laika could speak English when he voted, "yes" to a defense plan against alien invasion.[1]

When the crew was suddenly attacked by FDR AI , Laika peed on the cord disabling its circuits.[2]

The team soon researched advanced ways to protect humanity, including advanced nuclear powered space rockets to travel to new worlds to explore them for potential re-population. Laika leaves for a five year cruise around Earth with one of the newly developed atomic rockets.[3]

However, he sends distress signal when he ran into an unidentified ship.[4] The Sionnu place him into pen where he meets UNa and Rys. The Sionnu ask Laika what his mission was oriented on discovering, and he told them it was a science mission. They laughed at his pitiful technology and describing it as science. When the Sionnu ship was suddenly attacked by a D'Hri warship, the pen cells were opened and Laika and his two friends escaped. On their escape path, Laika accidentally fell into a genetic re-sequencing DNA ooze. Upon emerging, he had grown fingers and opposable thumbs. They headed to the Nebula Left and boarded the ship to escape.[5]

Sun Beyond the Stars: Yuri on Trial

Laika soon ran into Yuri Gagarin once more in a space bar. Upon seeing his old friend again, Laika slugged him for leaving him in the space rocket and not coming to his rescue.[6]

While at Faraway Station, Primor hired UNa to pilot the Nebula Left to bring him back to his Science Council Homeworld. Yuri and Laika attended with them. However, they were betrayed by a crewmember, Ryleth, and UNa was killed by defense trap. Ryleth had a sick sense of justice and felt it was right for them attempting to steal something. Primor was able to retrieve the Gateway Access Key when Laika knocked him out. They escaped with the rest of the Nebula Left crew. They headed towards his homeland.[7]

On the journey, they were pursued by Ryleth who secretly attached himself to the bottom of the Nebula Left. Ryleth dialed in to the Sionnu about their arrival. They soon passed through the gate. They were shocked to find Sionox waiting for them with a battalion of Sionnu warships.[8] Their ship was soon boarded by the Sionnu. Primor launched spores at their planet and on their shop causing a self destruct sequence. Yuri and Laika put on their space suits to escape the ship but were soon caught in a nearby star's gravity. They were pulled toward the star to their deaths.[9]

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  • Unique Physiology: Due to falling into a genetic DNA re-sequencing ooze, Laika has evolved to develop opposable thumbs and a bipedal posture.[5]


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This character is a fictional representation of Laika, a real person. More information on this person can be found at


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