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Larrington Wentsworth III
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Larrigon Wenstworth III, or Larry, is the assistant to Gertrude. He was appointed to assist her in finding the key to leave Fairyland, however they became horribly lost and have spent twenty-seven years lost.[1]

Due to the carnage that Gertrude caused, they soon found themselves attacked by various mercenaries who were hired by Queen Cloudia to get rid of them.[2] The crew was soon attacked by Happy, a new child in Fairyland.[3]

Gertrude recovered and approached Queen Cloudia. Uncharacteristically, the Queen snapped at her but was unable to harm Gertrude due to the rules of Fairyland. As the Queen left, she warned Gertrude about Happy. When Larry checked the rule book, he realized Gertrude would become vulnerable as a permanent citizen if Happy found the key first. They agreed to set out to find one of the Evil Seven Dooms for help. They met with Darketh Deaddeath who agreed to give her his powers if she is able to survive his dungeon and prove herself worthy. Gertrude and Larry were suddenly plummeted into the bottom of his dungeon and faced with gigantic evil monsters.[4]

Gertrude vanquished all the bad guys in the dungeon and insulted Deaddeath. He was so impressed by her brazen attitude he gave her the powers she requested.[5]

Elsewhere, Happy found the key and was about to leave Fairyland, to the delight of all the inhabitants. However, Gertrude arrived at the last second and used her powers to kill Happy. She was about to put the key in the door when the Queen made a quip about there not being more death insinuating she wished that Gertrude had died. Gertrude turned and used her new powers to kill Queen Cloudia. However, the key suddenly disappeared. Larry informed her that whomever killed the queen, would become the new ruler of Fairyland and be stuck there forever.[5]

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