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General Leslie Groves can generally be spotted in his military outfit with a cigar in hand. He’s of typical military mindset and finds the end justifies the means.

Groves works for the U.S. Government in the military branch of the War Department. He is in charge of the research for the Manhattan Project. Groves hired Joseph Oppenheimer thinking it was his twin brother Robert Oppenheimer.[1] He led the ragtag group of individuals to uncover the secrets of atomic bombing. With the intent of wanting to further research money, he hid the success from the president and even pulled the trigger on bombing Japan with the idea that the ends justified the means.[2]

After discovering the existence of aliens, Groves expanded his agenda to include the defense of the Earth against foreign bodies. After destroying the race of the Siill, Groves called upon the Manhattan Project to begin his research needs. He formed a bond with Dmitriy Ustinov of the Russian army during the cold war to achieve their goals together.[3]

After defying Harry S. Truman’s order to shut down the Red Torii, Groves uses his military might to defeat Truman’s Freemasons and restore military power in Washington, D.C..

He receives approval from the new president, John F. Kennedy, for unlimited funding for his Manhattan Project. Groves has Oppenheimer propose a plan to protect Earth against aliens:[4]

  1. Ares: Building super rockets to explore space and colonize Mars
  2. Gaia: Radically extend life of human beings through science and medicine. Cure all diseases.
  3. Vulcan: Long-term energy plan. Since their infinite money will eventually evaporate as the Russians and Americans are actually working together, they need to make money.
  4. Charon: A secret plan Oppenheimer doesn't announce to anyone but one of his internal alternate personalities thinks about.

When Oppenheimer blew the whistle on the organization working with the Russian army to achieve their goals, Kennedy was infuriated and called for the arrest of Groves and the rest of the Manhattan Project members. While imprisoned, Groves began improvising a plan of escape with von Brauen.[5]

William Westmoreland pulls Groves out from confinement and injects him with Truth Serum. He demands the truth of what the projects were really researching. However, an alien brought in from another dimension by Einsten levels the place. When the alien sees Groves is defenseless, he leaves him alone as he continues his rampage.

When Westmoreland returns, he offers Groves a chance to team-up with him to take down the aliens with an offensive maneuver. Groves accepts the offer.

Soon, John F. Kennedy sends in troops to oversee the operations and restrict their options. Westmoreland and Groves setup an assassination plot and kill the president to regain their freedom under new leadership, Lyndon B. Johnson.[6]

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  • Leadership: Leslie the leader of the Manhattan Projects research team.[7]
  • Military Training: Leslie is a General in the U.S. Military[7]
  • Tactical Analysis: Leslie was able to forsee alien technology and threat and organized plans with the help of the Manhattan Projects to further human evolution and military defenses.[8]

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This character is a fictional representation of Leslie Groves, a real person. More information on this person can be found at




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