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Appearing in "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"

Featured Characters:

  • Lethal (appears in both flashback and main story)


  • Daria (First Appearance)
  • Kayo 2028 (First Appearance)
  • Warbot 2030 units (First Appearance)
  • Crypt (flashback only)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"

After three years of being trapped in the future on a parallel Earth, Lethal vows to return to her native timeline.  The peaceful, utopian nature of the world she is in frustrates her warrior instincts.  Having stolen a piece of equipment, she is pursued by a Peacenik 2000 android that tries to talk her down rather than fight. Annoyed, she disables it, unaware it was being used to monitor her by this Earth’s version of Kayo and his assistant Daria.  Kayo orders Daria to deploy combat drones to find Lethal and soliloquizes about his plan to change history using their time machine.  As Lethal returns home, she remembers her teammates in Brigade and being exiled to this timeline by Crypt.  She heads back out only to be attacked by Kayo’s Warbot drones.  Relishing the opportunity for combat, she swiftly disables them and proceeds to the supercomputer she has been piecing together.  She uses it to hack Kayo and Daria’s computer system and discovers the test schedule for their time machine.  Next, she infiltrates their compound and fights through more Warbots. She reaches the time machine and deduces they intend for her to be the subject of its final test.  Lethal hesitates to use it, realizing the threat to history it poses.  Daria appears and kicks her in the head, telling her to make up her mind.


  • The series was canceled after this issue. The story continues in Asylum #11.
  • This issue also includes a pin-up of Lethal by Lewis and Sean Parsons.

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