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Lex is soon if be a powerful crime syndicate member due to his father. He frequently puts people down to make himself feel better.[1] Lex is known in the King's Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts as the most skilled with bombs and explosives.[2]

When Saya discovered F-face was holding Chico's dead body at the Tenderloin, Lex agreed to participate in the raid.

It was Lex's duty to perform a diversion at the beginning of the raid, an explosive collision between a stolen mail truck and another van driven by Maria. After a messy, but successful extraction of Chico and execution of F-face, Lex casually walked down an alleyway towards the back entrance where Maria, Marcus, and Willie were being apprehended by el Alma del Diablo. Lex was shot in the face immediately after rounding a corner, effectively sparing Willie from being executed. His death also served as a distraction that allowed Maria, Marcus, and Willie to escape.[3]

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  • Willie expressed guilt for the circumstances surrounding Lex being shot, and admitted to himself that he should have died.
  • Later on, Marcus berated Willie about Lex's death, and openly blamed him for it.
  • It can be argued that each member of Marcus' group contributed to his death. Marcus, by convincing Lex to participate in the raid. Maria, by nature of attracting the attention of El Alma Del Diablo. Willie, by virtue of being captured. Saya and Billy, by advancing towards the rendezvous despite the suspicion that rest of the group was in danger.
  • In issue 14, Marcus takes the stance of the above argument when he says "We're all just gonna fuck each other over. End up like Lex. Or run away from it all like Maria."

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  • Lex's yearbook photo can always be seen on the fly leaf located near the front of every issue of Deadly Class. In the photo, he is depicted giving a defiant facial expression. It is worth mentioning that Lex is the only notable student to deviate from a standard facial expression in the featured yearbook daguerrotypes.
  • The diction of Lex's dialogue possesses British connotations.


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