Quote1 Clay--Remember I said how someone more powerful than me could negate my veve? Someone here's more powerful than me. Quote2
-- Sandy

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  • Papa Legba (Mentioned only)
  • Sam (First Appearance)




Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

At a small diner, Mr. Clay meets with Bridgette. She warns him that The Thumb knows his identity now and he should leave town to avoid trouble. Clay shrugs it off. He asks her to leave a doll in her boss' office to gain evidence. He tells here there's a voodoo spell on the doll so that no one will remember it. She gives him an address of a place to go. He then tells her that she doesn't have a choice as the Thumb will discover she hired him to look into his business. She takes the doll as she has no other choice.

Else where, a man sits at his desk across from someone he's interviewing. He tells the man that he didn't make the cut and he needs to leave to prepare for a parade tonight. It is then revealed the man sitting in a chair is dead and has snake pouring out of his body.

Clay walks through town with Sandy. Marie, one of Sandy's friends, stops them and gives her a mixed tape. They continue into a record store. Sandy informs Clay that she offended Papa Legba during the Teleshaman battle and needed to find new music as a peace offering to Papa Legba. Clay peers outside and sees a parade. They walk outside and Sandy realizes it's a trap. She puts headphones on Clay's ears and plugs her own so they can't hear the music. When they bump into Sam again, snakes pop out of her body and an army of dead musicians walk down the street playing music. Sandy grabs Clay by the arm and drags him out of the streets as everyone begins puking snakes.

As they escape into a cave, she tells them the music was created by The Second Line, contract killers that use music to take over your body. Sandy explains the snakes are actually a physical manifestation of sound. Clay pulls out the note he received from Bridgette and tells her he has a place they can hide.

They head to a warehouse. However, when they wake up from a nap they discover the Second Line has found them and the place is now surrounded. When Clay mentions that Bridgette sent them there, Sandy becomes mistrustful of the name. Clay is captured by the Second Line and they disappear. Sandy curses at Bridgette and vows to retrieve her friend.

Solicit Synopsis

A parade hits Dedande City, and after the trials of last issue our detective could do with some time off. It’s normal to let you hair down at these things. Have a dance. Have a couple of drinks. Puke up some snakes...


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