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Lord Defile is the name of a Supervillain from the Wildstorm universe. He is one of the greatest rivals to fellow Daemonite lord Helspont.

Defile's most significant story arc includes the mass crossover series WildStorm Rising which followed Defile and Helspont's competitive efforts to seize control of a long-lost Daemonite spaceship that was said to contain enough power aboard to destroy the planet Earth. While Helspont only wanted to destroy the planet, Defile sought to rule it. Defile's part in this series followed a plan he first began that involved manipulating StormWatch Prime into doing his bidding. From there, he used a brainwashed Maul to cause the death of Battalion., thus incurring the grief and anger of StormWatch to hunt down and destroy Defile's hated enemies the WildC.A.T.s that included an all-out street fight in Washington D.C.[1] before C.A.T.s teammate Void intervened and revealed Defile's true objective.[2]

Defile's plot was an elaborate one that involved many of the Wildstorm Universe's most popular superhero teams and freelance agents, including Backlash,[3] Gen¹³,[4]Union,[5] Grifter,[6] Deathblow,[7] Wetworks,[8] WildC.A.T.s[9] and StormWatch.[10] For most of the Wildstorm Rising crossover, Defile played a cameo role, waiting and observing the actions of his "pawns" as his plan unfolded.

The first part of his plan involving Stormwatch, included using StormWatch Prime members Sunburst, Nautika and Flashpoint, to collect top secret intelligence on the WildC.A.T.s. Defile hired the supervillain mercenary Deathtrap to kidnap the three during the Desert Storm Operation. Defile then brainwashed the three but Flashpoint broke his control. Fortunately for Defile, his last remaining pawns aided his access to the Daemonite spacecraft during the huge battle between Helspont and all of Wildstorm's greatest teams. Defile's plans were at last thwarted by Sunburst who finally broke free of his control. In his rage, Defile severely injured Sunburst and was preparing to harm Nautika as well, before Grifter arrived to save them both. With a ruptured power source aboard the ship, Defile fled, leaving the others to die in the impending explosion. Ultimately, it was the WildC.A.T.s. team that saved the planet, as all but Savant, Mr. Majestic and Grifter, boarded and flew the ship off Earth before it exploded.

At the conclusion of the Wildstorm Rising event, Mr. Majestic a highly powerful Kherubim and veteran of the Wildstorm Rising final battle, recorded his own personal debriefing, stating that Defile remained at large.

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  • Possibly the only Wildstorm villain to appear in almost every major Wildstorm team-based comic series.




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