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Stel Caine thinks quick as they are run out of oxygen just outside where the city of Poluma should be. She recalls her husband talking about the vents and pulls Marik Caine into a vent revealing they have finally found the third city. They find the world is destitute and overrun with pirates and coliseum like fights. They quickly grab disguises to that they can grab the oxygen they need and continue on their journey to the surface to check the probe.

Suddenly, an announcement for the next fight is made. Stel recognizes the man as Roln, the man who had killed her husband and stolen her daughters. Marik urges her to hold off on their attack and instead seek reinforcements from Salus before making a move. She ignores his pleas and presses on.

Roln retreats to meet his poppet, Tajo Caine. He finds her reading a book and tells her it's become illegal to read to protect the people from dangerous thoughts. She insists it would be good to change the law and reintroduce education to the people of Poluma. Roln asks her to pilot the Helm Suit and free his people by helping him invade Salus. She refuses and he quickly snaps on her grabbing her by the throat. At that moment, Stel finishes her ascent and stabs Roln through the torso with her suit. He turns casually and throws her back down to his guards and tells them to take her away. He tells them how he is made of metal on the inside, and his brother is made of metal on the outside. He retreats to spend time with prostitutes.

Tajo sits on her thrown when Marik approaches her. She agrees to flee with him, however, once he reveals her plans she turns him in to the guards telling him she's no longer the person he thinks she is.


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