Real Name
Lucas Trent
Current Alias
"Night Bringer of War", The world's deadliest killing machine
Apollo (husband); Jenny Quantum (adoptive daughter)
Base Of Operations

Unusual Features
Marital Status
Transformed by the first Weatherman into a Human with Artificial Enhancements
Place of Birth


Midnighter is a comic book superhero, best known as a member of the rogue superhero team, The Authority. Created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Bryan Hitch, he first appeared in Stormwatch #4 (vol. 2), before going on to appear in various Authority books and series, and his own eponymous ongoing series. He was created in the archetypical vein of Batman, but unlike Gotham City's protector, Midnighter has superhuman abilities.

Midnighter is notable for being one of the few gay superheroes in print. He's married to fellow Authority member Apollo and both have adopted Jenny Quantum.

Midnighter is rarely seen without his costume. The few times he has appeared without a mask have revealed both short blond or brown hair. In an issue of Stormwatch: Team Achilles he admits he's a redhead but dyes it blond.


Midnighter, alongside his future husband Apollo, was part of a top secret Stormwatch team created by the first Weatherman, Henry Bendix. Nobody but Bendix himself knew of the team's existence. Bendix built them as superhuman and, when they donned their costumes and spoke their codenames, their previous identities ceased to exist.

However, this secret team was all but destroyed during their first mission, Apollo and Midnighter being the only survivors. They went rogue and spent the next five years undercover fighting for a finer world in the alleyways of America. One mission took them to Britain, where they thwarted Bendix's attempts at experimenting on children to create superhumans, in the process developing links with MI5. They remained unknown to Stormwatch until Christine Trelane found the files about their team after Bendix's fall.

Jackson King, formerly Battalion, now the new Weatherman, ordered them found, not being sure whether they were heroes or villains. Midnighter and Apollo were after weapons made in the "Nevada Garden", a relic of the first Engineer. He ordered Fahrenheit and Hellstrike to tag them with fetishes so they could be transported into SkyWatch. Midnighter and Apollo first attacked the Stormwatch team, believing them under Bendix's orders. However, they ceased the attack once they were told Bendix was dead. With King's help, they violently retrieved the Garden from the U.S. Army, and King granted them what they asked for: new lives away from Stormwatch.

This story is available in the Stormwatch TPB A Finer World.

The Authority

After Stormwatch was destroyed, Jenny Sparks convinced both Midnighter and Apollo to come out of retirement and join her new group, The Authority. A formidable fighter with a sardonic attitude, Midnighter epitomised the new team's commitment to fighting for a finer world, including against vested interests and world governments. Midnighter and Apollo's relationship, though hinted in previous issues, was revealed in The Authority #8. He was the architect of the team's first significant victory, the defeat of autocratic dictator Kaizen Gamorra, which he achieved by dropping the 50-mile-long Carrier on to Gamorra's island base.

During the Transfer of Power storyline, Midnighter was the only Authority member to evade capture when the US government had the team attacked and replaced with manipulable substitutes. Presumed dead, Midnighter had in fact escaped the Carrier with baby Jenny Quantum. He returned to overthrow the puppet team and rescue Apollo from imprisonment and abuse at the hands of their replacements. Shortly thereafter Midnighter and Apollo were married and adopted Jenny.

Midnighter took a central role in Ed Brubaker and Dustin Nguyen's Revolution maxiseries. A visitation, apparently from a future Apollo, convinced Midnighter that he was on the path to becoming a malign dictator. To avoid this fate Midnighter quit the team, precipitating its break-up, and returned to life fighting solo on the streets. Raised alone by Apollo, Jenny exploited her powers to age herself to young adulthood and reformed the Authority. Having convinced Midnighter to rejoin the team Jenny discovered he was being manipulated by a dimension-hopping Henry Bendix, hitherto assumed dead. Midnighter fought for Bendix before the Engineer was able to break the mind-control; Midnighter then killed Bendix by ripping out his spine.

Circumstances have twice forced Midnighter, very much against his will, to team up with Kev Hawkins, a homophobic former-SAS soldier and eponymous protagonist of the Authority: Kev miniseries (written by Garth Ennis) - a relationship made worse by the fact that on their first meeting, Kev killed him, Apollo and the rest of the Authority, though the Carrier resurrected them. On their last meeting they took down MI5's Royal Oak project, an attempt at replicating Bendix's experiments.

Midnighter (series)

In November 1 2006, an ongoing Midnighter series began, written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Chris Sprouse.

After returning from a mission in war-torn Afghanistan, Midnighter was attacked and kidnapped by unknown agents while passing through the Carrier's teleportation portal. He awoke in a facility in Hamburg, Germany, where a man named Paulus told him that he was disrupting his ability to guess his opponents' moves, and that he had removed his secondary heart and replaced it with a remote-detonated bomb. Paulus gave Midnighter the choice of either working for him, or dying, showing him a photograph of the person he wanted Midnighter to kill: Adolf Hitler. Time-travelling back to the First World War trenches, Midnighter encountered Hitler as a young corporal in the German army, but was apprehended by 'time police' officers from the 95th century before carrying out his mission. In his struggle to escape, he crashed the officers' time machine at the year 1945 -- shortly before Hitler's expected suicide. Eventually he allied himself with them and worked his way back to his own time, where he threatened to erase Paulus from history by killing his kidnapped younger self; it is unclear whether or not he would have executed the child, but ultimately he did not have to. Midnighter then returned to the Carrier, but was apparently just as listless as before, immediately setting himself on another mission in Iraq.

Brian K. Vaughan wrote Midnighter #7, illustrated by Darick Robertson. It explores the way Midnighter's brain processes combat by running the story backwards.

Christos Gage's Midnighter #8, illustrated by John Paul Leon deals with Midnighter's attempts to connect better with humans after the graphic and public disposal of supervillain "Suicide King". Trying to help a girl find her pet cat finds him stumble upon a mad scientist who has been kidnapping pets for his cybernetic experiments. After defeating him, he employs the scientist to experiment on the murderers and dictators he acquires before deciding to adopt the one pet the Doctor could not repair or rehome: a cyborg dog.

Grifter & Midnighter

In March 2007 a mini-series, Grifter & Midnighter, charts the team up between Midnighter and Grifter. It is written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Ryan Benjamin. [1]

Alternate versions

In Wildstorm Winter Special 2005, a story called Apollo & Midnighter: Two Dangerous Ideas features their alternate reality analogues, Pluto and Daylighter, with inverted color schemes to match. At first the real Apollo and Midnighter believed that they were their homophobic counterparts, but later learned that they had broken up.

Issue #6 of Midnighter's solo series starred a nameless, super-skilled swordsman from feudal Japan who fell in love with a peace-seeking Chinese warrior much like Apollo. This swordsman had powers similar to the Midnighter's future-sight and super-strength. An oddity of the issue is that the heroes are ostracized for their homosexuality, despite there being a fairly high tolerance for such behavior in ancient Japan.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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  • Precognition: Midnighter has the power to intuitively predict and understand what's going to happen with flawless accuracy, and instantly come up with the optimal solution to deal with it. This allows him to run through a given situation millions of times in his mind, instantly covering every possible result before the first move is even made. He uses this information to predict the actions and or reactions of his foes, counteracting their moves before they even think to make them. This allows him to intuitively know the right steps he needs to take in order to succeed at any given task and execute them perfectly, thus as long as victory is possible he will win. This powers also works by letting him see the outcome he wants, and working backwards, following the right steps to get there.
  • Enhanced Senses: Midnighter's all of his senses are enhance, he is able to detect things imperceptible to normal humans. He is able to sense things in all directions at once, and notices, process and understands all details of any situation or environment in his surrounding no matter how small. This allowed him to detect any modifications or powers in anyone he looks at, as well as how they work, so he can defeat them.
  • Increased Strength: He has fiber-lined muscle increasing his strength (he can dismember opponents with his bare hands and feet)
  • Increased Speed: Midnighter can move faster than the human eye can see. He normally moves at slightly above human speed but can move so fast that enemies with super speed can't see him. He strikes with lethally precise martial arts, generally eschewing the use of firearms.
  • Increased Reflexes: Midnighter's body has been altered to give him faster nerve endings so he can react quicker than any human and many superhumans. as well as process information more quickly, can make the world appear as if moving in slow motion if pushed.
  • Regeneration: Midnighter automatically regenerates damaged or destroyed tissue with far greater efficiency than an ordinary human. He can regenerate greatly damaged or destroyed tissue within a few seconds. He's regenerated from, a broken neck, broken/loss limbs, holes through his chest, having his whole body set on fire.
  • Enhanced Healing: Midnighter's immune system has advanced that he is immune to all diseases, poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria, allergen, etc. He is also immune to the acquisition of medical ailments. To the point where HIV was defeated in six weeks and the common cold never stays more than a couple of minutes. He possesses a physical, mental, and sexual health beyond the max health of humans. Every part in and of his body, external and internal, is at first-rate health, and is devoid of any disorders, diseases, disabilities, etc.
  • Pain Suppression: He can block pain at will allowing him to think clearly and continue to move despite grievous injury, and generally function in situations where pain would disable a normal person. He has undergone major surgery while awake & alert. He is also unable to feel any sort of fear, terror, regret, guilt or even any intense anxiety.
  • Self-Sustenance: Midnighter has the uncanny capacity to live entirely self-sufficiently. He can survive in anaerobic environments for indefinite periods of time, even the vacuum of space, can adapt to various environments if needed and desired. Midnighter has no need to use the bathroom and can perfectly maintain his health and functions indefinitely without air, food or water.
  • Organ Redundancy: possesses a secondary heart should the first one be rendered unusable.


Weaponry: He also speaks German and can apparently operate several types of outdated weaponry, as evidenced by his use of WWI artillery while chronologically displaced. Stealth: Midnighter is also quite adept at stealth. He is known to only be seen when he wants to be seen. Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): He is a close-quarters killer, having quite effortlessly slaughtered close to 30 super-powered soldiers by himself, without being so much as touched by them. Multilingualism Tactical Analysis



Midnighter has used both a nightstick and a telescoping staff in close combat. His personal arsenal also commonly incorporates throwing stars.

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  • The Midnighter is gay and married to Apollo


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