Luther Strode

Luther strode
Real Name
Luther Strode
Luther Strode

Unusual Features
Incredibile size and muscle mass, black eyes with red iris when enraged.
Marital Status
Human who trained with the Hercules Method.


Luther was a skinny young man, who lived with his very mother and had one best friend, who was also into comic books and video games. Luther's new life started when his mind and body was permanently pushed to beyond human capacity, all while biological still being human,"...focus the mind, body, and spirit towards one goal. By bring all three into alignment, the physical enthusiast can bring all of them under conscious control." Luther developed some strange talents; incredible reflexes, a danger sense, strength, and much more.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Hercules Method: Once the transformation ended Luther's mind, spirit and body were permanently altered. His physical appearance, muscle mass, etc. were enhanced and perfected, becoming extremely attractive and handsome.  Luther became a very tall, very well-built elegant man with a compelling voice and overwhelming authoritative charisma. He permanently has flawless skin, perfect dentition, beautiful, wavy hair, "perfect golden-proportioned body," brawny and well-toned muscles, and he is extremely "well-endowed". His passively secretes powerful pheromones that make him irresistibly attractive to women. Studying his DNA, results in nothing unusual, as he is still biologically a perfect human.
    • Unfathomable Resilience: Luther is virtually impervious to all forms of physical harm, injury or pain. His body tissue is far denser than that of a common human, punching him is like hitting a concrete wall and while bullets can pierce his skin they can't pierce his muscles.
    • Unfathomable Stamina
    • Unfathomable Strength: Luther is strong enough to effortlessly rip people to pieces, break wood with his hands and bend steel. Luther's strength is particularly high even among those who underwent the Hercules Method and can eradicate and hurl entire trees.
    • Unfathomable Senses: Luther senses enables him to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste things imperceptible to humans.
      • Accelerated Probability: Luther has precognitive abilities that let him "see" the possible ways an enemy will attack him or try to defend himself.
      • Enhanced Vision: Luther can see through people's skin, organs, bones and muscles, thanks to this ability he can quickly assess damages done to himself or other people.
    • Unfathomable Speed: Luther can move far faster than the human eye can perceive, he moves so fast that during fights he seems to disappear and reappear behind his enemies before they can even react.
      • Unfathomable Agility: Luther is extremely coordinated and has shown advanced equilibrium while avoiding bullets and other items thrown at him that normal humans would not be able to avoid in time.
      • Unfathomable Reflexes
    • Regeneration: Luther can flawlessly regenerate from any injury in a short period of time. Luther is immune to all detrimental contaminants, illnesses, disorders, defects imperfections, etc.
    • Immortality: He is immortal, unable to age or die.


  • Intimidation
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: After years of training Luther has become a master combatant.
  • Acrobatics
  • Throwing: Thanks to his enhanced sight Luther can throw any object with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Deception: After five years of training Luther has learned to trick other people's Accelerated Probability and can use it to show them only what he want them to see.



  • Mask: Luther wears a white mask given to him by his late friend Pete that looks made of bandages.

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