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Dingo began as one of two unnamed Kindred who were stolen from the lab and brought to Australia to be trained as I.R.A. assassins. The years passed, and both Kindred were still playful innocent creatures, which angered their handler, who killed one and when he was about to kill the other, was killed by Fatha, an aborigin who named the surviving Kindred Madinga. Fatha and Madinga escaped.

Fatha taught Madinga how to read and write, and trained him to survive in the world. After Fatha's death, Madinga met Bloodmoon, who promised to tell him about his past, so Madinga joined Bloodmoon's team of Kindred as Dingo.[1]

When Dingo entered Stonewall Federal Armory, he met Amanda Reed, who was trying to escape. He helped her and Backlash against the Chasers.[2]

It turned out that Dingo's presence in Stonewall was no coincidence; Bloodmoon had ordered him to put a tracer on Reed's persona to find Backlash, and he put it on Backlash's costume instead. Bloodmoon's Kindred followed the tracer to Slayton's house, and though Slayton wasn't wearing his uniform and had left it at home, Dingo found a note of Slayton telling to Cyberjack that he and his daughter Jodi had gone to Coney Island. The Kindred went to Coney Island and captured Marc and Jodi[3]. Dingo disliked his teammates' ruthless methods and betrayed Bloodmoon to save Marc and Jodi.[4]

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